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Discussion in 'Talk of Television' started by Anita Mae, Jul 14, 2013.

  1. Anita Mae

    Anita Mae New Member

    I am not a real big T.V. watcher -- but I do listen to the World News ---without Cable T.V.
    ..PBS is a favorite.
  2. Emily Litella

    Emily Litella Well-Known Member

    I usually watch or DVR if I work extra late Nightly News with Brian Williams. PBS is good too, but they are an hour long. I usually listen to NPR on the radio on my commute in the morning and sometimes on the way back at night.
  3. pegmih

    pegmih Well-Known Member

    At 5 in the evening I watch news on 10 or 5.
    I am going to check time for PBS news.

    On radio I listen to 551 (I think that is #).
    I like Sean Hennedy and Rush Limbau.
    It took some listening to realize name was not John Kennedy.
  4. suncityjack

    suncityjack Active Member

    Brian's my guy too. Doesn't hurt that he appears on Jimmy Fallon and slowjams the news with him. He seems such a good sport. PBS is more in-depth and good too and what is an interesting perspective is Journal, it's Asian, on at 4:30 on channel 8-3, the PBS World channel I get over the air.
  5. Anita Mae

    Anita Mae New Member

    Oh - - No ! ! ! SC Jack... you mentioned my FAVORITE ! !..Jimmy Fallon ! ! I only catch his wonderful show on Friday nights.. the other nights -- I go to bed with the birds - EARLY - - to catch that worm ! ! !

    Jimmy Fallon is: ALL 3 of my wonderful sons (approx. his age, I am certain, ALL rolled up into One Jimmy Fallon)..

    (My sons do not really care for him -- probably because they are so like him !...)


    Well - I love Jimmy Fallon - - BRAVO to his late nite show ! !
  6. suncityjack

    suncityjack Active Member

    Hey, we need to relocate this Fallon love-fest to fav t.v. shows thread or we'll be hogging on the news space. See ya there and I'll tell ya what I like about him....:eek:nthego:
  7. archer

    archer New Member

    I'm a confessed news junkie....I usually have CNN on all day, just so I can check what's happening whenever I want.....otherwise it's background noise.....I will watch Brian for the NBC evening news and local news.......but for what's happening in the world it's CNN and BBC.
  8. Fiona

    Fiona New Member

    We bounce around and after an hour of repeat news turn off the t.v until House Hunters comes on.

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