White Tank Mts. - -close to Sun City

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  1. Anita Mae

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    White Tank Mts. West of Sun City.... Years ago back in the 70's it was considered ---just part of the Desert...just a trail here and there to walk on. It was a total natural desert get-away with a beautiful view of Phoenix Area.
    Since then - -it has grown in size - -many walking-hiking trails are now available and very safe for all age groups. There are many picnic areas as well as a small camping area. Pay for parking. A Public Library which is beautiful - is also located at the entrance of the White Tanks.

    White tanks 100_2288.jpg white tanks 100_2284.jpg white tanks.jpg

    White Tanks DSCN0460 -.jpg
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  2. pegmih

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    Riding stables are also located just outside the park.
    I took my family there in February.
  3. gilmark

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    Should we get a big rain, one might want to go to White Tanks to see the waterfalls. I have only seen a trickle of water there, but it is a good easy hike regardless. Another AZ jewel.
  4. Anita Mae

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    Gilmark... My son absolutely loves the White Tanks - -He, his doggie "Rocky" The Boxer (classic name) - love it there - - what a wonderful work out for them both - - walking/hiking those great trails.

    I was happy to go with them one day last Spring - 2012..after we had several rains... The Waterfall Trail was awesome at the end - -a nice "pool" for Rocky to cool down in ! Lots of Rock formation along the trail to get some nice pics, also !

    Preston Rocky Wt.Tanks May 2012.jpg White Tanks DSCN0464 -.jpg
    White Tanks DSCN0468 -.jpg white tanks - -water fall trail - the end of it May 2012.jpg
    White Tanks Mt. May 2012.jpg

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