What is a naïve idiot?

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    What is a naïve idiot?

    A naïve idiot is anybody who doesn't believe the RCSC Board is secretly meeting in between regularly scheduled board meetings to conduct business. And the current RCSC Board thinks we're idiots!

    I don't care if you call it a social gathering, a get together, a luncheon, or a coffee klatch. If enough board members are meeting to satisfy a quorum, and they are discussing business, taking action and making decisions, they are holding a meeting! Illegally I might add!

    And just so you know, Robert's Rules has modified rules for small boards, meetings where there are not more than about a dozen members. Here's one rule I find interesting:

    "When a proposal is perfectly clear to all present, a vote can be taken without a motion's having been introduced. Unless agreed to by unanimous consent, however, all proposed actions must be approved by vote under the same rules as in larger meetings, except that a vote can be taken initially by show of hands, which is often a better method in small meetings."

    I can just picture the board members all sitting around a table and after discussing one issue or another when Sue will suddenly ask, "So....what do you think," And all the stooges will raise their hands...hence unanimous consent!

    How the hell do you think those agenda items happened to show up on the September 13th board meeting agenda? They "supposedly" were in a recess for over two months!

    Somebody has to come up with the idea and get the rest of the Boards blessings, or do you think each Board member secretly and individually approaches the corporate secretary and asks, "Can you put this in the agenda?" and nobody else knows?

    Or do you think some corporate secretary, sitting all alone in his or her office and suddenly thought, "Gee, it's time for the next Board meeting. I think I'll find a way to eliminate the Annual Membership Meeting or change the word "Shall" to "May" in the Bylaws?

    Does the Board really think we're that stupid? Apparently they do and it's time to hold their feet to the fire.
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    If any of you remember, the RCSC board made a major production of suddenly changing to a more open, transparent form of governance (hell there's a thread or two on this site somewhere about it). It was after Payne started pushing the change in legislation and the lawsuit was looking like it was coming to a head. At least one board member proclaimed it was exciting news and how the community would be thrilled. The constant drumbeat was there would only be open meetings, except for the occasional executive session.

    Sounded great, ludicrous on its face. Stuff always just appeared and business carried on, even though they never "officially" met. I recall when they were shoveling the RV club from their space at Sun Dial to make room for the ticket office there was all kinds of non-meetings going on to help board members get a handle on what was really happening. It was one of the reasons ARS wanted so badly for the RCSC to fall under Title 33, those kinds of meetings couldn't happen and if they did and if someone blew the whistle legal actions could be brought.

    I had met with ARS several times and as we talked and we could agree until we started down the PIF path and then the whole sue the bastards seemed like the end game. In Barbara's exchanges, she said much the same in that while the RCSC touted it as a win, the reality was the judge dismissed it without prejudice (i think was the term) which meant each party ate their own legal costs. She also mentioned just tonight to me, we (the RCSC) will be paying much higher rates for errors and omissions insurance for years to come.

    I never understood why they created the dog and pony show. All they really had to do was let residents sit in on work sessions and keep the other meetings the way they were. Now we are watching them crash and burn as they try and play the game in front of people and still try and do what they want when they want. It just hasn't worked all that well has it?
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    I believe "without prejudice" means that the suit can be refiled, however, I believe Arizona requires it to be refiled within 6 months of the dismissal.

    But heck, that doesn't mean somebody else can't file another and different lawsuit!

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