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    It can be a little confusing when first starting out posting on TOSC. Yes, there's a handy FAQ section, but an abbreviated list or flowchart-style guide might be handier for a newbie to look at. For ex.,
    STEP 1) Introduce yourself in the Introductions section
    STEP 2) Responding to a thread--link to FAQ
    STEP 3) Starting a thread, rather than just referring to the FAQ, encourage the person to look at the categories under Lifestyles or whatever and ask themselves "Does my topic fit one of these categories? If so, good, just post there. If not, feel free to start a new thread....."
    It might help control the number of threads and help keep people more on-topic which would help us be a better resource. Sure, we'll still go off-topic as conversations do, but that's another subject.....editing, etc.
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    Thanks suncityjack for the good feedback. We'll discuss this and try to formulate something.
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    Thanks for your recommendations... We have added your valuable recommendations to the "How to post a thread and reply to post" thread that we links going to from all over the home page... Thanks again!!

    Here is that direct link....
  4. suncityjack

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    Thank YOU! We all want to make this the best it can be, and it's great that you allow the input and have the willingness to help it evolve.

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