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    Hi Everyone,

    I have had various work done in our Sun City home over the years. Have been happy with the work done, and it accomplished what it was I set to do.

    I happen to pay attention to the last issue of the Grand Season, and inside, was an offer and pictures of previous work done. I called as the prices were right, and it was definitely time for the tile to be cleaned.

    Gotta tell ya, the tile is fantastically clean, and the dying of the grout to make it back to the original color is phenomenal. This tile in this home dates back to the 90's and was put in by a previous owner. The tile now has the little flecks of sparkle the tile, and the rooms look new again. Only had the high traffic areas done, and the grout, which was almost black in some spots, looks fantastic.

    So, who is this amazing company? It is ER Grout & Tile Restoration. Family owner, local small business. The are bonded, insured, and are registered with the ROC. They are also a family owned and run company, and so all of the money they earn is spent here in the valley. They are based out of Glendale, and have a spotless BBB record.

    I always try to use local companies for all of my projects. Most have done good work, but I wanted to take the time to really let you folks know of a great service, for a great price with pride of their work. Great work ethics.

    So, if you are needing the tile cleaned in your home, please give these folks a call, you won't be sorry.

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