The Filthy Thirteen

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    Great book.... This is the story of a family friend Jake McNiece and his amazing journey in WWII. These guys saved the world.. Highly recommend it... Great read if you love World War II books...

    Filthy Thirteen From The Dustbowl To Hitler's Eagle's Nest-
    The True Story Of The 101st Airborne's Most Legendary Squad Of Combat Paratroopers

    Here is link to buy if you like... anyone read it? enjoy:
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    Thank you. I like books about WWII and plan to read Filthy Thirteen.
  3. LAPPY50

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    Jake McNiece just passed away about 3 months ago at the age of about 92. Jake was quite a character. I would encourage anyone to just Google his name.

    Last year (I believe) he was awarded the Highest Honor from the French Government. His story inspired the movie "The Dirty Dozen."

    He was a great family friend and actually delivered meals to shut-ins almost up to the time he died.
  4. bmac007

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    WHAT A GREAT MAN!! RIP Jake McNeice and THANK YOU! :D

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