The Bright(er) Side of Being Housebound During COVID 19

Discussion in 'Sun City General Discussions' started by aggie, May 8, 2020.

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    I have a friend who has a friend who has it. He has now tested positive six times. My friend feels that this means that he has been counted 6 times in the "tested positive" column. Part of the plot to make it seem worse than it is, I suppose. I feel otherwise, but does anyone know how that math is done?
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    Minnesota has an interesting figure in their reporting. They give the total number of tests given but then show how many individuals have been tested. Many people have many multiples of testing if they are in high risk categories i.e. health care, emergency service, sports etc. AZ doesn't do a breakdown of how many individuals have been tested and only reports total test counts. Our already woeful shortage of testing would only show worse counts. So, don't rely on people saying they are safe because they have been tested as that negative result was only good on the day the test was analyzed.
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  3. Emily Litella

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    I assume now that wherever I go everyone has had it or has been exposed and are carriers.

    I began donating blood regularly this year and they test each donation for antibodies. I do not have the antibodies, but I am pretty sure I had covid in mid January.

    Except for televisits, DH and I have not seen our doctor in person in over a year. We're fortunate we're still healthy at this point.

    It is very bad now. You're very wise to be overly cautious. Three of the five people in DH's department at work are out with the virus. The good thing is that by the nature of their trade they all work separately at different locations so they aren't exposed to each other on a regular basis. The bad news is the two remaining are being stretched very thin.

    We haven't had mail in a couple of days. I'm guessing our post office like all around the country is overwhelmed with the same issue.

    I honestly don't understand why retired people who don't need to work would want to expose themselves to the possibility of getting this disease through non-essential recreational activity.

    I wish more people were as cautious and considerate as you who post here.

    I wish you all a safe and healthy holiday and best wishes for 2021.
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    Let me also wish everyone a great holiday season, and more importantly, a safe one. It has been a particularly ugly year and frankly, it cannot be over soon enough.

    I will tell, we have been overly cautious. Nope, not hiding under the bed but when we go out, we have limited it to an as needed basis on almost everything. I say almost because i have given a bunch of tours at the museum. It is by reservation and you can't get in without a mask and a temperature check. Social distancing is also a given.

    Let me just conclude with this: I know 6 people who have recently contracted covid19 in the past few weeks. Each of them leans way more right than left. Nope, not an attack on them personally, i hope and pray for a swift recovery. Anyone can get it, unfortunately the less you believe in the science of it, the more likely you are to get it.
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    I guess the implication is it's a hoax b/c you can't trust the number infected and it's derivative numbers? That's the beauty of most conspiracy theories -- your friend presented things in what seems like a logical way even though the underlying assertions are probably not true. Nonetheless, your question is interesting, and I don't know the answer -- but, since the official health dept. statistics are done by scientists/mathematicians, I'd assume there's little double counting. Perhaps that's why most things (eg, school opening/closures, etc) are driven by the positivity rate, not cumulative infection figures. Positivity rate is a snapshot in time -- ie, number that tested positive today/number tested today -- thus comparing yesterdays PR number to today's is a good indicator of increased/decreased spread. So your friend of a friend potentially skews the positivity rate numbers only if he gets tested multiple times the same day, which isn't very likely. Positivity rate numbers are actually available by zipcode -- my friend who's a teacher had her school shuttered while other zips in the district remained open until recently (when the PR rate started increasing most everywhere) and they closed the entire district to in-person learning.

    The population of Maricopa County is just under 4.5-million. Per the ADHS dashboard, the number of reported Covid cases so far is a little less than 500K. That leaves a lot of people still susceptible to infection and spread Covid to others. The current positivity rate is just shy of 12% -- thus, on average, 1 in every 8-9 people you come in contact with has Covid (and likely doesn't know it). So, every time you go to the store and pass 8 or 9 people without masks, or without their noses covered, there's a good chance one of them is spewing Covid droplets as they exhale to potentially infect those nearby.

    I can only speak for myself -- I work to help those that can't do for themselves. I know my customers, I insist they wear a mask, I wear a mask, plus liberal amounts of hand sanitizer is used. I can't imagine working in a commercial setting -- yesterday I watched a grocery store employee talk to a mask-less customer leaning over the counter with their faces no more than a foot apart. Scary is all I can say.
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    It's getting harder to find something on the bright(er) side. A small item is that our electric bill for the month of December was much lower this year due to the fact we had no family staying with us. Less cooking, less laundry and fewer electronic items being used.

    Next week the next group(including those 75+) can start receiving the COVID vaccine. The sooner we have more people vaccinated the better chance there will be hospital beds available for those that really need them. Masks and vaccines are our only weapons right now.
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    That and avoid large crowds of people, very few of whom wear masks.
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    Heard it from a friend ooo poo
    Heard it
    Heard it from a friend who
    Heard it from a friend who
    Heard it from another conspiracy theorists at their finest. They get that warm and fuzzy feeling when they can spread lies! Puts them on top of the garbage dumpster.
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