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    The Sun City Tai Chi Club
    Sun City, AZ 85351

    Tai Chi is a meditative exercise for the body

    Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese discipline involving slow, flowing movements interspersed with rapid ones, and emphasizes posture, rooting, balance and efficient body mechanics for health. It involves gentle physical exercise and stretching. Each posture flows into the next without pause, ensuring that your body is in constant motion.

    o body balance to bring stability to your movements and keep your body upright.
    o bringing in fresh oxygen into your body to help rejuvenate your muscles and cleanse the inner body of toxins.
    o Stimulating the brain which keeps the mind sharp and relaxes the body.

    o Our classes are $3.00 per class (Monday meditation is $2.00) for all RCSC members and their escorted guests. There is an additional $2.00 RCSC escorted guest fee for guests who do not have a RCSC punch card or daily pass.

    Monday Fairway Arizona Room #3 Montoya Tai Chi Foundation 09:15 am
    Monday Fairway Arizona Room #3 Montoya Alignment / Meditation 10:20 am
    Thursday Bell Social Hall #2 Wood Beg 108 Yang Tai Chi 11:30 am
    Friday Bell Social Hall #2 Wood Beg 108 Yang Tai Chi 12:30 pm

    o There are Intermediate classes which require pre-registration and prepayment.
    Thursday Bell Social Hall #2 Wood Intermediate Tai Chi – Section 1 12:45 pm
    Friday Bell Social Hall #2 Wood Intermediate Tai Chi – Section 2 01:45 pm
    o Please arrive 15 minutes before class to allow for sign in and payment of fees.

    o RCSC Card-Holders - Membership $5.00/year. Please come and make new friends and enjoy getting healthy. Wear comfortable clothes, and shoes that do not grip the floor (you can wear socks).


    o Contact 623-972-6159
    o Email: SCTaiChi@yahoo.com
    o Web site: http://sctaichi.wix.c-om/sc-tai-chi-club for the latest news about this club.
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    New SC Tai Chi Club Evening Class

    On Apr 14, 2015, Tuesday, we are adding a new evening class.
    Lakeview Recreational Center
    Social Hall #2
    6:00 pm

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