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    The Club's workshop is located at the Palm Ridge Recreation Center, 13800 W Deer Valley Road. It is open for members use Monday through Saturday, 8:00 A.M to 4:00 P.M. The Club's workshop includes bench space for pursuing the craft, various kinds of machines and equipment that are needed for stained glass crafting, temporary storage space for large projects being worked on such as windows, and storage lockers for members' personal tools and equipment. A display window is available for showing off our latest art work.

    Stained Glass Crafters of Sun City West offers members educational material and facilities for practice of the craft, a library of instructional material and patterns, the use of specialized equipment that would not normally be purchased by individual hobbyists and lots of good fellowship. Anyone interested in learning more about stained glass crafting is invited to visit our workshop.

    The workshop phone number is 623-544-6586.

    You can contact also Rose Waldon if interested in club at: 602-885-7222

    Glass art made by Club members can be sold through the Village Store. These items must be approved by the Club's Quality Control Committee.

    Click Here for website for more info:

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