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    Since we don't see anyone from Sun City West chiming in I thought this is of interest to them & Sun City. This was from today's RCSCW website. I believe the Executive Director of PORA resigned in the past week.:

    The Recreation Centers of Sun City West will develop a CC&R department to begin operations July 1.

    The move comes following a meeting between PORA officials and RCSCW officials in which PORA expressed an interest to take over all CC&R enforcement, or do none of it. Because PORA is not a mandatory-membership organization, it does not have standing to fine on CC&R violations. The Rec Centers has that authority.

    The Rec Centers delivered a notice to PORA officials on April 29 notifying them of the plan to end the current contract on June 30, which coincides with the fiscal year. Waiting longer to end the contract would have resulted in the agreement being renewed for another budget cycle.

    As part of that agreement, the Rec Centers has been paying PORA about $60,000 a year and providing membership data updates to PORA to handle complaints about items such as weed growth, fence heights, etc. The Rec Centers handled age-restriction violations and legal issues arising from repeated lack of compliance.

    The Rec Centers has requested PORA provide data about historical and current violations to ease the transition and provide continuity on existing cases. Per the contract, PORA will continue to receive and enforce complaints through June 30.

    Additionally, the Rec Centers is broadening its relationship with the Organization of HOAs in Sun City West, as that group handles CC&R enforcement on HOA-member properties. OHOA represents about one-third of the rooftops in Sun City West.

    Rec Centers’ General Manager Bill Schwind is developing a proposal for a CC&R department within the Rec Centers. That plan will be unveiled at the Board’s next workshop, which begins 9 a.m. Friday, May 10, in the Lecture Hall. As always, the community is invited to attend the workshop.
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    For those of you who don't know, the biggest difference from Sun City to Sun City West is this: The Sun City Home Owners Association (SCHOA) is free-standing. The RCSC provides documentation to SCHOA for maintaining the age overlay (new home ownership), but does so voluntarily and has no connection to the organization or its founding documents. Sun City West was set up differently, as has most every community since us. While PORA (their home owners association) did the initial letter writing and investigating of CC&R violations, the ultimate authority to prosecute fell under the Rec Centers of Sun City West (RCSCW). Their documents were written differently.

    It makes sense, because if someone is in violation, the RCSCW could pull the right to access the facilities. In the case of rental units that looked like crap, they had leverage to keep renters from using the facilities. Virtually every community after us was structured that way. I call it single entity governance. This is a significant change in direction. No idea if it's for the better or for the worse, but it will be interesting to see community reaction. PORA has been an integral part of the community since it's founding.
  3. Emily Litella

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    I wonder if in the future Sun City will also the same. Seems it would save money to have everything done by one organization. But then that would mean we would be a planned community, no?
  4. BPearson

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    Yes it would and doing it in Sun City would be a wholly different experience. Two separate organizations, two articles of incorporation. SCHOA is doing really well right now and i just don't see it happeing.
  5. Emily Litella

    Emily Litella Well-Known Member

    I am very happy to hear that SCHOA is doing well.
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    Still wish we'd get some people posting from Sun City West. I read in the Sun City West Independent this morning that the annual assessment will increase $15 per card to an amount of $480 per person. They are continuing to lose and shift personnel at both the RCSCW and PORA.

    The new Four Seasons development will be a gated community and the RCSCW are in negotiations about fees, membership & CCRs. The Four Seasons here in Sun City isn't a gated community so it was easy to blend them into our RCSC.
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    I was impressed that RCSCW entered the ride share bulletin board contest--didn't see that our Sun City RCSC did, but wish they did. Here is what the entry said and how it looked:"This is the first year that I was able to get a whole bulletin board for my TRP. I had fun decorating it. I was able to incorporate two things that I am passionate about, the environment and love of animals.

    On the bottom of my board I posted a website that employees can donate to the Humane Society, as well as signing up for TRP. I look forward to attending the Clean Air Campaign Awards Luncheon. I have been going to this event for the last four years. It is always a pleasure getting to meet other TC coordinators." Excellent work RCSCW!

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