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    Canasta West Club

    "We meet from 12:30 to 4 p.m. Fridays in Beardsley Rec Center Room 5. Join us!"
    Shuffle them up. Join the fun and friendship of an old favorite
    Arlene Rozmus 623-546-3803

    Card players of SCW Euchre Club

    " We meet from 5:30 to 9 p.m. Thursdays in Beardsley Card Room 5. Join us!"
    Enjoy this unique game with friends
    John Bellinger 602-793-6755

    Club 52 Card Club

    "Club 52"
    Time to enjoy the company of friends and playing cards
    Raymond Langlois 602-999-6688

    Cribbage Club

    The Cribbage Club of Sun City West is a grass roots Club we are here to promote the game of cribbage If you enjoy the game of cribbage and enjoy meeting new people come and meet us. Come and check us out. Recreation Center cardholders can play twice before joining. Due are $6.00 per year. We are a mix of full time and seasonal residents Come meet new people with similar interests and make new friends in our community.
    Donald Donati 623-328-5697

    Five-Hundred Card Club

    "A game similar to Euchre"
    Bidding and challenging and lot of fun
    Marcel Mantha 623-251-7211

    Kiva West Duplicate Bridge Club

    Our ACBL Sanctioned games are held every day except Sunday & Tuesday at 12:15 p.m. There is also an evening game on Tuesdays at 6:00 p.m.
    We would like to invite anyone interested in this wonderful card game to join us! Arrive early and be in your seat ready to play by game time.
    The name KIVA is the Anasazi word for their large conference hall or meeting place. These Pueblo Indians lived in about 1,000 A.D. and they are the ancestors of Arizona's present Indian nations.
    Kiva West is one of the largest bridge clubs in the United States, and as you can see from the photograph, we do indeed have a large “Kiva”.
    Kiva uses both the BridgeDealer4 dealing machine to make random hands ready for play and also Bridge Mates for instant scoring directly from your table to the computer. Scores are always ready to see at the end of the game and there are print outs of hand records for evaluation.
    We have a special section for beginners and newer players with less than 50 master points on Fridays where they play only against others of the same skill level providing they have at least 3 tables, otherwise they play in the open game. All games are stratified.
    We would especially like to invite all party bridge players to join us and learn more about this different concept of play – you’ll love it. You can’t go wrong to just come and try it out!
    There are FREE lessons on Fridays during the winter months usually beginning in October and running through May. A variety of different topics are discussed with one on one hands. These are held at 11:00 prior to the normal game
    The club also sponsors a series of personalized lessons offered by June Hueser. Contact June directly at 623-584-5851 for registration and her cost details.
    Donna Shelton 623-251-5578

    Mah Jongg Club

    "A game using tiles to form predetermined combinations"
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    Joy Eisner 623-214-7307

    One Partner Bridge Club

    "We would love to have you join us for One Partner Bridge!"
    Gene Hopp 623-537-9055

    Pan Card Club

    "Pan, or Panguingue, uses 8 decks of cards without 8s, 9s and 10s"
    A great environment to learn and master a different kind of game
    Barbara Harris 623-975-4501

    Pinochle Club

    Welcome to the Pinochle club. We play single deck pinochle.
    We welcome both new & present players!
    "Single deck Pinochle - 4 handed, 6 tables"
    Good cards, strategy & friends
    Jim Thompson 623-444-7736

    Saturday Night Gamesters Club

    "Social activity includes Poker, Pinochle, Pan, Bridge"
    Comfortable environment to play and improve your skills
    Vard Miller 623-584-5396

    Sheepshead Club

    "A card game - the predecessor to Skat"
    Challenging and fun.....and different
    Karen Horsley 623-584-2700

    Tuesday Contract Bridge Club

    "Come enjoy the challenge and strategies of Contract Bridge"
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    William Dwineu 623-214-2400

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