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  1. Dory

    Dory New Member

    My mom is moving to Sun City next month and we are looking for advise on utility companies so we can make a monthly budget.
    She is moving from Glendale and currently has century link for internet and cable. She doesn't like them and every year i have to call and negotiate a new rate after they increase it.
    Does anyone have a better internet and cable provider they prefer? I am hoping to find internet service that doesn't change much. Also, she needs cable service for three televisions. Are we just stuck with Cox or Century Link?
    What price can she expect to pay for water, gas, electric and garbage on a 1400 square foot home?
    Any feedback or advice would be appreciated.
  2. Minniesoda

    Minniesoda New Member

    In answer to your questions about internet providers: yes, your options are Century Link or Cox. Cox seems to have some pretty good deals - we've been satisfied. We "cut the cord" and don't have cable service. We had an antenna installed in our attic and we get plenty of channels over-the-air and we have a Roku (about $40, no monthly fee) to use with our internet and can stream lots more to our TV - though most have a fee. There are only a handful of places in Sun City that have gas connections, so she'll probably only have water, electric, and garbage. You don't have any options for these...Epcor for water, APS for electric, and Park & Sons for garbage. They might be able to give you an estimate.
  3. Dory

    Dory New Member

    Thanks so much for responding! I appreciate your feedback. Good to know about not needing gas.
  4. BPearson

    BPearson Well-Known Member

    Good answers M, tough giving figures on utilities because of the variables. How well insulated, what temps do you set stuff at can change the numbers dramatically. The garbage is $208 for the year to Parks and Son if you pay on the first of the year, don’t know how or if they pro-rate. The water will run you between $40 and $60 per month dependent on usage, i suspect you will be on the lower end. APS is the ugly one. If she keeps it cold in the summer she will be paying well over $200 per month, especially if the doors and windows are old and not energy efficient. We keep our house in the low 80’s all summer long and they are high.

    Cox is the only game in town; century link’s reputation for problems (though a bit cheaper if they are available) make it less attractive. M is right, deals for the first year aren’t too bad especially if she doesn’t need high speeds.

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