Sun City Phoenix (Original), Grand and West Pickleball Clubs

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    The Sun City Pickleball Club welcomes new members and offers a friendly introduction to men and women who are RCSC cardholders and their guests looking for healthy and fun exercise.

    Pickleball is like playing tennis with a ping-pong paddle on a badminton
    court. Four people play; there are two players per team. Wear tennis shoes and comfortable clothing.

    Be prepared for laughter and meeting new friends.
    Games are played on the pickleball courts at Marinette Recreation Center and Mountain View Recreation Center.

    Come join us and have some fun.

    Sun City Pickleball Lesson Program:

    October through April - our lesson program is held outside at both centers.
    If a play time for members is needed to be developed at one of the centers, contact a Lesson Coordinator to hold some lessons at that time. This should help to build a play time.
    No lessons will be held indoors at Mountainview from May - September. All RCSC cardholders are welcome to stop in during playtime, and watch to see how the game is played.
    Current lesson program information is posted monthly in the SunViews.

    For more info to sign up to any of the 3 Arizona Sun Cities:

    Sun City Phoenix (Original) Pickleball:

    Sun City Grand Pickleball:

    Sun City West Pickleball:
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