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    Please join the Sun City (Original) Clay Club which is a full service studio for potters with all levels of experience. There are hand building and wheel rooms as well as teaching, glazing and kin rooms. There is an area in which to display pieces for sale. Lockers are now available for a minimal cost. Beginning hand building, wheel and sculpture classes are ongoing and are given in winter, spring, and fall with several monthly workshops during the summer months.

    Summer Hours: 8am - 3pm Tuesday - Thursday and Saturday
    Evening Hours when there are 2 members present are 6-9pm Tuesday and Thursday.

    Call 623-933-0899

  2. Fiona

    Fiona New Member

    I love this club. The people are very welcoming and helpful to beginning potters or handbuilders. We have a little store area that people are most welcome to come in and see our work and even purchase if they find something they love. Please come by for a tour when you can.
  3. mikedvorak7

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    I never thought that I could do this type of thing. I'm involved in clay sculpture. Everyone is so helpful and there is so much talent in Sun City! Thanks for helping to make life so enjoyable. Also, I have attached my most recent project in progress. Cowboy Boots at Rest.jpg
  4. bmac007

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    Nice work!! Wow.. beautiful...
  5. Fiona

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    Very nice work Mike. I am glad you enjoy clay. The teachers we have at the different clubs are fantastic.
  6. Fiona

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    DSCF0966.jpg DSCF0916.jpg

    Here are a couple of my recent bowls. This Thursday at the Farmer's market on Hutton/99th, we will have many different artists works available.
  7. bmac007

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    Those are beautiful!! I wish I was there this week.. Great pics!!
  8. Fiona

    Fiona New Member

    Thank you for the compliment. I have wanted to get back to clay for years now but took care of my elderly mom until she passed last May. I have been practicing trying to make up for lost time since last August and finally broke the rut I was in and made some large bowls. I love is my therapy lol. We actually had to cancel the market today due to the high winds. Hoping next week to be there.

    When are you moving here bmac007?
  9. bmac007

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    Too bad on the cancellation on the market.. It's great you love doing that... that's what life is about and you do an awesome job!!
    Not moving there for at least a year... I hope it happens but got other things holding me back...
  10. Fiona

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    It will fly by. The years seem to picking up speed lately lol. I have the name of another good agent if you need another one. Best of luck in your search and of course, we would all be happy to help you hunt. :)

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