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    Mixed Cribbage Club
    Category Cards & Games
    Location Lakeview Center
    Club Contact #1 Sid Premo 623-977-6487
    Meeting Times
    Tue 12:45-3:30pm
    Wed 6:15-9:30pm

    500 Club
    The Sun City 500 Club plays in groups of 4x with partners, and the partners change after every 4 hands.
    Category: Cards & Games
    Location: Fairway Center – Arizona Rooms 3 & 4
    Club Contact: Margie Masters – 623-972-5575 Email:
    Game Times: Every Monday from 6:15 pm to 10:00 pm
    500 Club participants are required to be RCSC Cardholders & know how to play 500.
    ** Special annual events include Spring Fling Potluck and Christmas Potluck **

    Mixed Cards Club
    Br-Pin-Can (Bridge, Pinochle, and Canasta)
    Category Cards & Games
    Location Fairway Center
    Club Contact #1 Elaine Cea 623-875-3489
    Meeting Time
    Sat 7-9:30pm

    Mah Jongg Club
    Mah Jongg is a fun and entertaining game using tiles instead of cards. The purpose, somewhat like gin rummy, is to create a hand with a specific arrangement of suits and numbers. If you enjoy playing cards, chances are you will enjoy playing Mah Jongg as well.
    The club offers free lessons several times each year.
    Category Cards & Games
    Location Sundial Center & Marinette Center
    Club Contacts Janis Stiewing (623) 875-3969
    Susan Edwards (623) 910-1271
    Meeting Times
    Tuesday 12-4 pm at Sundial
    Sunday 12-4 pm at Marinette
    Thursday 6-9 pm at Marinette
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    Does anyone play Cribbage or Pegs and Jokers?

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