Sun City GYMS - PLUS - "Silver Sneakers" - FYI

Discussion in 'Medical and Health' started by Anita Mae, Jul 17, 2013.

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    Our Sun City Gyms and Work-Out Areas are State-of-the Art ! ! The machines are up to date with even the best well-known Gyms in the Country. Fairway also has a dynamic Walking Track !

    FYI - - Silver Sneakers is a Gym Program that is offered on some Health Insurance Plans. Check your plan out. I am a member with Silver Sneakers and am allowed to use the very nice Gym at Rio Vista in Peoria.
    The PLUS - -If I travel out of the area/ out of state.. the Silver Sneakers Membership will travel with you.
    Call your health insurance company to see if you are eligible for this benefit !

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