Sun City Festival Here we come!

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    My wife and I have spent the better part of three years investigating 55+ communities from Florida to Texas to California and Arizona. We narrowed our choice to Arizona for various reasons including climate and finance and then began drilling down on two areas, Tucson and Phoenix. I've written extensively on our community visits on other forums and would be glad to direct you to them if there's an interest.

    We further narrowed our choice to the Phoenix area. The Sun Cities became our focus. We searched with our realtor team and in the end, for numerous reasons, we have chosen Del Webb's newer community of Festival.

    We're in the process of purchasing a new home there. As it exists now it is no more than a concrete slab but the planning is complete. I'll detail that process on these pages for those with an interest. Our target completion date is sometime around May 1st. We will move from our home near the Twin Cities in early June.

    Perhaps readers may find the process helpful as you do your own investigations. Stay tuned.
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    Congrats on your decision. I have met some really nice folks heading to Festival. You will enjoy it I am sure.

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