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  1. BPearson

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    Another weekend, another mass shooting. Texas seems to be the go-to place for crazies with guns these days. They already, far and away lead the nation in total registered guns in the state, better than 300,000 more than any other.

    I'm sorry, but i am growing weary of mass shooting becoming our new national past time. And while i applaud the president for going out on a limb and talking about violent video games and mental health, we are well past time actually doing something to address it.

    The vast majority of American's believe in a national gun check data base. No guns sold without a background check. Simple right. Nope, the NRA doesn't want to stop the sale of guns over the internet by private citizens and between "consenting adults.

    You've got to love Texas's solution, more lax gun laws. Timing is everything in life eh?
  2. CMartinez

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    It's a crying shame there is nothing but talk, and no action items. The ban on assault weapons, closing loopholes on private gun sales and getting those in a place able to do something, to do something. Too much political action committees causing the loss of life. Why is it, most people understand what needs to happen, but a minority of greedy politicians and other politicos prevent what needs to happen. Such illogical rhetoric around which requires a logical goal for Americans and their safety.
  3. BPearson

    BPearson Well-Known Member

    Simple math here Carole: The NRA spent $419 million dollars in the 2016 election cycle. Just a shade more than Wayne LaPierre's clothing budget in 2018.

    By the way, that was up over $100 million from the year before and over $200 million in the two previous presidential elections.

    More guns has to be the only sensible solution eh?

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