Short Sighted 2, How Much Is This Costing?

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    Did not want to step all over Bill's thread, as his has its own following.

    I have been going to class to become a Customer Service Rep for a Fortune 250 Company. It is a large class with 20 students, so we have been rather tight in more ways than one.

    One of my fellow students is realtor, getting out of the business and looking for a more stable life and benefits. We talk quite a bit at our one hour lunch and I adore her insight into so many things. We talk about local eateries, fun places to go, and of course, families,

    Most recently we talked about real estate and what areas did she sell and concentrate on. Beverly said it was SCW, Surprise, El Mirage, and sometimes, Sun City.

    Why sometimes "Sun City" I asked, and she told me why she steers away from our community. The first being the cost of the PIF. She thought the last increase was too much and not warranted, especially for the amenities, or lack there of, we have. Lack of amenities? No real incentive to have business move in to help with the local economy, no real open meeting that allow for member involvement, no urgency to find any kind of public transportation, and the costs associated to move into Sun City far exceeded the value. I didn't know whether to cry or walk away. I stayed, because everything she said was true. Then the zinger which she knew and I didn't; the Friday board email meetings which occur every weekend to discuss and vote on for the following meeting. It is also where policy is decided, and when most potential members find out they will be excluded from the process , they leave the area and look elsewhere.

    Is this a one sided conversation, you bet. Is loyalty towards SCW, it surely is, but what she said resonated in such a way, it hurt my heart and made me angry. These are the very truths which have been stated time and time again, to deaf ears. How come a realtor knows about super secret meeting by the board, and we don't. So, that means the old behind closed doors now means electronic media. All of the "open" meetings we were promised are, one of my favorite words, are a "sham".

    The meeting can now be seen by the membership, but there are no open meetings. The need for technology is dire, the need for a performing arts location, extreme, and the need for true open meetings as described in Title 33 should be demanded.

    Yes, we still talk, about work, the tests, the sit alongs, but I am not eager to talk about Sun City anymore. Who knows what else I will find out about my community which will break my heart even more. I am glad she told me what she did, it gave me a perspective of how others outside of SC view us, and it is not very favorable.
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  2. BPearson

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    Ouch. I was going to take exception regarding "value" because even with the higher PIF (same as SCW), buying into Sun City is still as good as it gets. The thing that threw me was the "Friday email meeting." I have no idea how a realtor would know that, but it wouldn't surprise me. For those who don't know, under Title 10 (what the RCS claim they operate under), it is perfectly legal. If they had been forced to comply with the judges order and operate under Title 33, it could get their ass sued.

    Seems to me the board has said they don't do that, but maybe they've evolved since those first meetings where they claimed they were operating as pure as the driven snow. No matter, i refuse to let their actions or inaction influence my days any longer.
  3. SCR

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    Can't say I am surprised to hear this. As a matter of fact, when open meetings were first announced, I did mention in a thread here somewhere that electronic meetings can and probably would take place.

    I would however, take what someone told you (here say) with a grain of salt. Especially someone from outside the community. Without proof, there is no certainty that this is occurring.

    I've said in the past that there is no way board members are suggesting, reading, and approving by-law changes and fully understanding what they mean to the community.

    I believe they are lambs being led to the slaughter.
  4. CMartinez

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    I agree, this is all hearsay, and apologize for posting as such.

    A quick call to my fellow class mate answers with she heard it from another realtor from Sun City. So it's hearsay on top of hearsay.

    I thought about this topic for three days before posting it, so it was not a spur of the moment, off the cuff decision.

    Frankly, I probably should have just stopped thinking about it altogether, but the secret email meetings really got to me. Since there is no discussion allowed by the membership, and all of the votes have all gone managements way, it makes sense, based upon the recent history of actions by the BOD.
  5. BPearson

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    I would be very leery of information that far removed. The other thing the realtor failed to acknowledge is the higher cost of a couple buying in Sun City West. The PIF is the same, the rec fees are almost double. The problem for them is their single owner fee is about the same as our per lot, which encourages single buyers to look at SCW over SC. I say it is a problem because it ends up compounding their costs. It is more fair, but it becomes a double edged sword. Their 5 year plan reported about 40% of their owners were single and is one of the reasons their yearly assessments have risen faster.
  6. aggie

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    I've wondered why there is so little discussion before votes on motions or agenda items. It doesn't seem to rise to the level of a giant conspiracy that all this is done via private conversations and electronic contacts. We members are left with a great lack of understanding of issues and why certain BODs vote the way they do. With just 3 candidates for 3 positions available there will be little incentive to vote this year. We know Darla who has been a refreshing addition to the BOD. I'm looking forward to hearing responses from the other two candidates as they are totally unknown to me.

    Sun City West may be newer but it is more costly. If two people take title to a property only one has to buy a rec card which is equal to our annual per lot assessment. The other deeded person cannot participate as a guest or use the facilities but it does seem to distort the the single cardholder property count. If the 2nd person wishes to use the facilities it will cost another full card cost equal to our annual assessment.

    The other significant cost in Sun City West is the higher property taxes. County property taxes are almost double for similar cost properties for most SCW homes. If a property is in some areas, it lies within Dysart School District taxing and the taxes are nearly triple for similar properties. Fire district taxes for all of SCW are nearly double what we pay in Sun City. So.....if expenses are not a worry, it would be a great place to buy.

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