Shade Tree Recommendation

Discussion in 'Landscape Talk' started by wizfourfam, Jul 12, 2013.

  1. suncityjack

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    Everyone I've ever known that had one out here has been disappointed with the deterioration. I got one of those alumawood type lattice style patio covers and it is excellent. It lowers the temperature c. 15 degrees, makes beautiful patterns of light, will never need painting, etc. Local dealers often run specials. It's nice that they come in colors other than white too as some of the tinted ones like taupe or beige won't have the glare of white and may match some of your trim or house color. Neighbor had a wood and stucco covered supports one installed the same time as mine and complains about warping, splitting, need for repainting, all probably exasperated by the misters.
  2. Fiona

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    I have a Palo Brea and it drives me crazy....crazy I say. It is the type without thorns but sheds something all year long. It sheds little tiny yellow leaves, then yellow flowers that cover the entire street and my front yard then pods...driving me nuts. The former owners replaced a huge palm tree, which I would have treasured, with this monster. My husband and I removed a very large Palo Brea in the backyard last year for the same reasons we detest this tree. Drives me nuts.

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