September 2021 BOD Meeting

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  1. aggie

    aggie Well-Known Member

    Well the website is back up and just in time to get the agenda posted under the RCSC meetings subsection. They want to use COVID as an excuse to not have an annual meeting? How can everything else be open in the RCSC including shows and they say somewhere in the calendar year they can't accommodate an annual meeting?

    The Roberts Rules motion is also a big problem as that will have an effect on all aspects of the meetings where we can have some input.
  2. aggie

    aggie Well-Known Member

    And, who will be crowned as the Board replacement?? Betting is legal in AZ now so where do I place my bet??
  3. BPearson

    BPearson Well-Known Member

    Stunning isn't it aggie. Guess we got our answer on how they feel about the membership eh? Get rid of the annual meeting because for the first time in 12 years they might actually be faced with a quorum and that plain scares the shit out of them. Roberts Rules of Order is standard operating procedures and to dump it and say they "may" use it speaks volumes. By the way, the rumor is the new board member is Gene W. He wanted to go to 5K on the PIF years back, but i see they didn't dare add that to the agenda. Just be forewarned, it's coming.

    The block buster to me is the $3.948 million dollars for a golf maintenance shed. Are you freaking kidding me? So you know, they show these under PIF disbursements as "facilities" rather than golf where it belongs. For years now they have been showing it on the PIF budget as 750K. Put this bee in your bonnet and smoke it; if that golf equipment storage building is that price, Mountainview phase 1 will be north of 30 million dollars. Ya but so what, it's just money.

    The arrogance just keeps on coming.
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  4. aggie

    aggie Well-Known Member

    I hated to even bring up the golf project. With the upcoming dumps of money into the golf courses, Gene W. would be the perfect person to assure a yea vote on all things golf.

    Do you know the term of the person appointed? Would it only be until the end of this year and make it necessary to fill that spot going forward through the November election?
  5. Gale M

    Gale M New Member

    I am new to Sun City and this site. I was just looking at the agenda (1 page attached). It appears to be changing the word ‘shall’ to ‘may’ regarding Robert’s Rules and the Board’s processes. To me that appears backwards. On the Board I worked on, we never would use the word ‘may’ as it leaves the subject up to interpretation. Did the attachment show up and what do you think? At the last Board meeting, I left feeling great that we had someone looking out for the members, now she is gone. Believe ‘shall’ is an important word that needs to stay in the bylaws. Sorry if this has already been addressed. Thoughts?

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  6. SCR

    SCR Active Member

    Aggie and all others.

    What is the difference between a Board meeting (with members) and a Members meeting (with members)?

    If they can hold a board meeting where members attend, they can just as well hold a members meeting.
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  7. SCR

    SCR Active Member

    Are there time limits on board meetings - not speakers, but overall time limits for the entire meeting?

    So if 1300 MEMBERS show up at a board meeting and the floor opens up for speakers, how long can the board meeting go on?
    The sitting board has absolutely no desire to be at board meetings and are only there because of bylaws and probably Arizona statues.
    The board is being led by external forces. They are not (like our congress) listening to their constituents.

    Get ready for huge increases in your annual assessments to pay for water usage on golf courses, viewpoint lake water loss, and overall golf course maintenance.

    4 million dollars for a maintenance building in my opinion (and its only my opinion) is exorbitant.
    Will the members get to vote on this extravagance? Probably not. Members have no relevance. The board and external sources are now charting the course for Sun City.
  8. OneDayAtATime

    OneDayAtATime Member

    Everybody who reads this ---- we all know what they are doing. WE NEED TO SPREAD THE WORD!! Talk to Members of your clubs, people you may associate with who aren't as knowledgeable about the Board, people shopping at Fry's or Safeway, folks at your barbers or hairdressers, fellow church goers who are Sun City residents. Those of us on here have seen through the smoke screen and are aware of what's going on; it's all the other thousands who haven't. This isn't just about Karen anymore! This is about the water issues (ADWR), reduced green on courses, a leaking lake, possible raising of the PIF, a 4 million dollar golf maintenance building, no more Roberts Rules of Order to back us up and the tightening of the noose around all Members necks. AWARENESS! WE NEED TO SPREAD THE WORD!!
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  9. Say What

    Say What Member

    Maricopa County Sheriff's department needs to be there to cuff and walk them out the door and put them in a jail cell until a complete audit is conducted and verified by a professional company. No expenses other than necessities to do daily business will be allowed until completed. All upper management should be banned from all properties until completed. All emails and texts using Sun City business accounts must be made to the public for review.
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  10. SCR

    SCR Active Member

    Say What - that is never going to happen.
  11. aggie

    aggie Well-Known Member

    I was unable to attend but I did send my better half. As soon as I saw the email regarding this meeting turning into a protest of sorts with signs I knew it was headed down the drain. What a disappointment that the important business that needed to be discussed was derailed. I understand the concern of these attendees, but there was a way and time for their comments to be heard.

    This has never happened before and I have no idea what becomes of the rest of the motions that were going to be heard or voted upon. The good thing is that the person appointed to the vacant seat will only hold it until December 31st. A lot of damage will be done between now and then but at least it will be short lived.

  12. OneDayAtATime

    OneDayAtATime Member

    Aggie, it was a great meeting! The Board showed their stupid side again by traveling the meeting closed after Gene was sworn in. BUT THE GREAT NEWS is that they "allowed" us to stay and conduct our own meeting! Progress is forthcoming! Spread awareness!!!
  13. BPearson

    BPearson Well-Known Member

    Aggie. So here's the deal. There were signs in the room, maybe 30 or 40. There are no rules against them, apparently the president made that up when she saw them. The off duty cops asked people to not hold them up. The organizers told those in attendance not to raise them rather than get in a fight over it. One person didn't get the word and according to someone in the room, one sign, ONE SIGN, was raised. Yikes, the makings of a riot.

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