SeinLanguage by Jerry Seinfeld

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    This guy always cracks me up. Maybe it's because I was raised a New Yorker. If you like the show or his stand-up, you'll like this book since it contains bits of some of his more popular observational humor. There are also bits of background that are interesting, like his father was in the sign business on Long Island and had a shop called the Kal Signfeld Sign Co. You can really hear his voice as he writes just like he speaks:
    "Whenever you ask for the doggie bag at a restaurant, there's a certain sense of failure there, isn't there? People always whisper it to the waiter, 'Uh, excuse me. Can I get the doggie bag? I, Uh, I--I couldn't make it.' It's embarrassing, because the doggie bag means either you're out at a restaurant when you're not hungry, or you've chosen the stupidest possible way there is to get dog food."

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