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Do you know where is dog is?

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  1. carptrash

    carptrash Member

    I am a (self-appointed, self anointed) sculpture historian and as such try to seek out and locate as much sculpture as I can. I also consider it part of my calling to alert others to the works in our shared environment. Which I will do as a quiz. Do you know where this cutie is? Please just respond with a yes or no, or at least don’t blurt out the location until others have had the opportunity to show off their knowledge of our built environment.

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  2. 3rdGen

    3rdGen Member

    I do, I do !
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  3. carptrash

    carptrash Member

    Cool. That makes . . . . . . . . . . .two of us.
  4. CMartinez

    CMartinez Member

    Yes, I know where the little dog is. See him quite often.
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