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  1. BPearson

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    Don't you just hate acronyms? Thank goodness most of you are smart enough to figure this one out...Sun City Long Range Planning Committee.

    Yes i did interview for it; must have failed miserably. I'm sure there were countless others who have appeared at the World Futurists Society as presenters. Or, who have rebuilt an organization from the ground up by looking to the future and then implemented those plans. But heck, it's all good.

    Rather than suggest anything about the committee and their first meeting, i will simply post the minutes from it and let you draw your own conclusions:

    Chair Bruce Alleman; Co-Chair Jerry Walczak;

    Committee Members Bill Loslo, Gary Osier, Lynn Lybolt, David Vandernaalt, Peggy Loken

    RCSC STAFF: None

    GUESTS: RCSC Board Director Stella Van Ness

    Report by Bruce Alleman , Chair:

    The Secretary will be elected at the next meeting on February 19, 2018. The Committee reviewed and edited the 2018 Committee List. The direction and possible goals of the Committee were discussed and potential projects like Mountain View and golf maintenance buildings pending future direction from the RCSC Board of Directors.

    Adjournment: The meeting adjourned at 9:25am

    .Next Meeting: February 19, 2018 at 9:00am –Lakeview Center Board Room.

    Respectively Submitted, Chair Bruce Alleman, Acting Secretary.
  2. carptrash

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    Can we expect (hope?) to hear from you on this topic at the next Monday BoD Exchange meeting?
  3. Cynthia

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    So the first thing they will discuss is golf. Are they another all-golf group? Are we informed of their ideas or are these closed door items?
  4. CMartinez

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    So, this is all of the information available from the LRPC meeting? The meeting took 5 minutes? With all of the needs of this community, and this is how the meeting went? What a shame to finally get the committee reinstated and this is the limit of what we get.
  5. carptrash

    carptrash Member

    As seems to be the custom, most of their work will probably be done in closed executive sessions.
  6. BPearson

    BPearson Active Member

    Interesting comments gang; seems we all were underwhelmed by the opening salvo eh? I will hold off judging too critically until we see more of their minute meetings posted online. The good news is these meetings are open to RCSC members, it is only the board's work sessions that are closed to us. Unfortunately i won't be at the member/exchange Monday, in a lawn bowling tournament in Sun City West.

    It is curious the two items they targeted. The golf maintenance buildings are bit of a sore spot to me. If you check the PIF expenditures, they fall under facilities, not golf. There's any number of oddities like that through-out the budgeting/accounting process. But i will cover that in another thread where we try and decide if in fact "numbers matter."

    I will leave you with this final thought regarding the LRPC. When interviewed they asked how many people i thought should be on the committee? I tend to be blunt when asked questions like that and said simply: "the number of members is far less important than the actual work structure they adapt." Sitting around talking about what building projects they start on in a year or two is silliness. Ultimately the board decides that; the committee would be far better served studying trends of the coming retirees and the things new communities are doing.

    But alas, my words obviously fell on deaf ears. Nothing new there though.
  7. carptrash

    carptrash Member

    It is not unheard of, elsewhere, that citizens for their own committees when they feel that the official channels are not performing, or are not likely to perform, in a needed manner.

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