Saint Elizabeth Seton Catholic Church

Discussion in 'Churches' started by suncityjack, Jun 24, 2013.

  1. suncityjack

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    Here's the website, and here are some pics inside of another Sun City treasure, which includes an amazing statue of Mother Theresa.

    St. Elizabeth Seton.jpg asst pics 019.jpg asst pics 018.jpg asst pics 020.jpg
  2. bmac007

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    Thanks for sharing suncityjack!! Great pics
  3. Anita Mae

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    Attached are some outdoor photos of St. Elizabeth Seton -- location - - 98th Ave. and Palmeras, Sun City.

    St. Elizabeth Seton 3.jpg St.Elizabeth Seton 2.jpg St. Elizabeth Seton 1.jpg
  4. suncityjack

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    Ooh, the rosy sunset light one is especially lovely. Since you are such a good photographer, maybe you could start a thread for Sun City Christian Church across the street from Saint Elizabeth's and do a series of the doors there. They are amazing--carved by Oliver Knutson and added in 1987. I would like to see entries here for each of the churches as handy reference and food for the spirit with their often stunning art. BTW, could you get a close-up pic of the St. Elizabeth one that appears in your 2nd and 3rd pics?

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