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    The build of our house was completed in mid-April. We moved in about 6 weeks ago. We’ve been keeping a list of all the things that might fixing our adjusted. Thursday we called the builder’s warranty work telephone line. Friday a representative with clipboard in hand walked through our house looking at the issues.

    For those considering a Del Webb new community just know that their follow up is very, very good. We didn’t know whether we should wait until next spring (as our first year of ownership ends) or make claims now. Their *response: “you can do it anyway you prefer”. *We will of course have an professional inspector come through the house at around our 11th month to find things needing fixing under the first year, bumper to bumper, warranty. There is also a warranty for all plumbing/HVAC that extends another year (or is it a 5 yr? *I don’t recall right now). And of course structural is covered for 10.

    At the end of the builder rep’s walk through she scheduled an army of tradesmen to come in and make the fixes. We could have had it done in days but we opted to put it off a couple weeks as our daughter comes to take up residency at ASU and we didn’t want our few days with her disrupted.

    I will say we are EXTREMELY impressed with the builder warranty service we are receiving. This has gone far beyond our most reasonable expectations.
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    Good to hear R, i suspect that's why Webb/Pulte properties for seniors are as successful as they are.

    Back when Sun City opened, 1960, they had literally no warranty program. When Sun Cities communities found themselves on the brink of folding up their tents, 1964, Webb removed the three guys behind it (Jacobson, Breen and Ashton) and in 1965 John Meeker took the reins. One of the first things he did was institute a home warranty program. It was top to bottom covereage and he said in his memoirs, they'd even go in and replace a light bulb for a senior who lodged a complaint.

    It's all about building brand loyalty, and obviously it's the kind of attention to detail that keeps buyers happy and talking.

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