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  1. Indians are a sovereign nation, they have their own rules but can participate in the white people legal process if there is a substantial legal question. Case in point is the recent decision on the water quality at the uranium mine.
    cool, the big fat one or the paperback abridged copy? It still should have the year at the end of the citation similar to John’s.
    You still did the equivalent of googling because you didn’t read the decision as I expected and quoted an excerpt. Were there other cases cited along with this case. Guess I’ll look it up.
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    Don't waste your time. I have no desire to get into a pissing contest with you. You're just too damn smart! You're a legend in your own mind!
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  3. Tom, no pissing contest! I just wanted to teach you how to read a court decision and asked what year the case you cited was decided. It was at the end of the cite, you chose not to include it.
    I have been serious about teaching you how to read and analyze financial statements but you blew me off. I wanted to teach you something about law but you blew me off. How can you come across as a serious person when you want to remain uninformed that confuses me?

    I have always believed that you just googled buzz words or statements located in books without ever reading them. That’s no way to be an informed citizen. I could quote Dean Wormer but I won’t.

    As for your assessment of me, remember you said not me. I may not know a lot but I know what I know and I know it damn well.
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    I don’t know what you think you know, or how much you know of what you think you know, but I know there are many things you don’t know, and I know you will argue that you do know these things, but you really don’t know and there is not a book on the planet you can read that will help you know.
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    I never asked you to be my teacher! You just assume nobody knows as much as you. You think you are the smartest guy in the room and always push what you know on others whether they asked for your help or not! I never did! I never asked for your explanation at the F&B meeting but of course you just made one more of your assumptions!

    I have other interests, and if I was looking to educate myself, I certainly wouldn't want to be lectured by you!

    Good bye...I knew I should have never responded to your post! My bad!
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    Picked the wrong clip, but Belushi was amazing. Dean Wormer for the win!
  7. But I have always said what I don’t know would fill an encyclopedia. Same for my career, 30+ years and I still didn’t know everything. My parents taught me to read and I have been reading ever since and I have always been curious about the world around me. Sorry you don’t want to learn anything Tom. Guess being ignorant is your goal in life. Ever think about getting certified as a parliamentarian, better than being just a guy with a book. Have a nice life.
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    My name is not Tom. Maybe a book on how to respond to social media conversation threads?
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    GdV I appreciate many of your contributions to RCSC governance. I am bothered by your tendency to get into heated discussions on subjects that sometimes seem unimportant. Again, I appreciate your insights on many subjects but wish you could avoid some of the confrontational dialogues.
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  10. John, I come from a background wherein being precise is important. A slightest change or omission can change the context of everything. You are familiar with his.

    When I first read Tom’s post on assembly it seemed the language was Medieval or very old English Common Law. When Tom said he basically found it in Black’s Law Dictionary I had to look it up and lo and behold the original citations are Justinian Institute’s Library Title 3, 176 and 3 Blackstone’s Commentaries 146. I will admit I knew it was old law, little did I realize I was splitting time frames between c. 6th Century CE and 18th Century CE. I just learned a good history lesson in spite of being familiar with both. I learn something new every day.

    If you are comfortable reading history, you are reading the wrong history.
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    So this is your excuse for this? "Sorry you don’t want to learn anything Tom. Guess being ignorant is your goal in life." You are a true NPD person and proof you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear. Every time I think I see the height of your hate you prove me wrong. I know what your response is already.
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    And isn't it ironic that he was the first, and only one to respond to your post regarding NPD?

    Perhaps he does look in the mirror?
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    A number of people did look at it. It's kind of interesting reading thru this site. There are four or five times all thought it was over when BP said he was 'leaving'. Many times (even before I got here) that people complained about spammers and bots. usually while waiting on my friend I am helping, I look around on the site. Life is funny. Pearson thinks our issues started when Lori invited me in. Yes he was an ass but we all have that trait at some time in our lives. Some just have it all the time. Bill and Dave both have NPD IMO. They know I am a conservative and all liberals I know have auto-hate when it comes to that.

    Have a good evening.
  14. Actually your political leanings are no interest to me. You believe what you believe.
  15. Trouble is Tom, you don’t know sarcasm when you see it.
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    NPD can be challenging and distressing
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      Happy Hippie, Monday at 9:38 PMEditReport

    2. Geoffrey de VillehardouinActive Member
      That should assist you when you are voting for POTUS.

      Geoffrey de Villehardouin, Yesterday at 4:29 PM
    Well John, you learned a lesson about the 4th Estate that I learned in the early 80’s, not to be trusted from my experience. Another thing we can discuss before you leave for the summer or when you return along with the budget, fees, plans, why I am considering voting for Trump ( seriously only kidding on that one), etc.

    Geoffrey de Villehardouin, May 21, 2024

    TDS is a made up thing because there are people who don’t bow to the Orange Anal Cyst.

    Geoffrey de Villehardouin, Apr 13, 2024

    Every time I look up Obama Derangement Syndrome I see you kissing the Orange Mussolini’s feet.

    Geoffrey de Villehardouin, Apr 14, 2024

    By the way I describe myself as a flaming liberal Democrat, at least get the facts straight. Oh yeah, you are a MAGA, you wouldn’t know facts if they bit you and said we are here. Your posts on Hoffer’s The Lone Cactus blog are delusional at best.

    Geoffrey de Villehardouin, Apr 13, 2024

    Now as for my “chops” as they say regarding Anne’s lawsuit and what should have been done plus a little insight on current events. I was a paralegal for three years working on class actions lawsuits, administrative hearings and legal research. I supervised paralegals for one year and then worked for a surety bond company underwriting bonds for civil court. This is why I knew Trump was blued, screwed and tattooed because the $93M bond was written by a friend who owned a large insurance company that also wrote bonds.

    Geoffrey de Villehardouin, Mar 29, 2024

    One last point on the rec centers and that is the “we want a refund “ bunch. The level of ignorance of these people amazes me. So, I will give you a very quick course in an aspect of contract law. The agreement you signed when purchasing your house or condo regarding rec fees amongst other things is called a contract of adhesion. An example that even trump voters/Fox viewers would understand is an insurance policy.

    Geoffrey de Villehardouin, Sep 18, 2020

    Recent investigations by reputable sources have uncovered that the far out right wing has been the cause of rioting and property damage. Look for the Hawaiian shirts and you have found Boogaloo, basically neo-Nazis (trump’s group of really fine people), Proud Boys and other splinter wacko groups.

    Geoffrey de Villehardouin, Jun 25, 2020

    BP, the Dems could go after him, but the US Attorney, Southern District of New York has a serious investigations going on tRump for tax evasion, conspiracy to commit insurance fraud, and several other antics like bank fraud, which also include his sons Uday and Usay. Lock him up indeed. There is also State of New York investigations happening on income tax and property tax fraud with insurance fraud mixed in for good measure. He has problems with hair on them.

    Geoffrey de Villehardouin, Jun 11, 2020

    Students For Trump rally, a group of people whose brains are still developing held by a person whose brain is non-existent. I guess he wants to kill them while they are young.

    Geoffrey de Villehardouin, Jun 11, 2020

    There are several tRump 2020 flags flying in the neighborhood. Nothing like showing support for incompetence and a Corleone wannabe crime family.

    Geoffrey de Villehardouin, May 1, 2020

    I bet that flips your MAGA hat or those ridiculous tRump 2020 flags. Guess you found this in Fox News book of quotes from famous Americans who never said it.

    Geoffrey de Villehardouin, Apr 29, 2020

    First, the name of the virus is Covid 19, not the Wuhan Chinese Covid 19 virus. If you want to name the virus, name in honor of our moron President like I have. I call it the Covfefe 19 Trump Pandemic virus, which is more accurate. Sorry Tom but you are falling into the president’s talking points of blaming the Chinese and saying they are responsible for our problems. They are not.

    Geoffrey de Villehardouin, Apr 1, 2020
  17. And the purpose of this is what?
  18. carptrash

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    Most likely a form of self-flagellation, since , among people, Martin Luther regularly practiced self-flagellation.
  19. The flagellants I believe started in Germany during the Black Death. They went from town to town seeking food, shelter and money to continue their procession. They were also looking for new people to join them. Flagellants also were in France and Middle Europe. They believed the Black Death was God’s punishment for the sinful lives at the time. Interesting group of crazies at the time but there were strange ideas everywhere to somehow rid the Pestilence from their towns.
  20. carptrash

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    I actually saw some in the Philippines during Easter madness and ran into them in art many years later while checking out some architectural sculpture by the great Corrado Parducci. The Benedictines (I think it was) has the whips as one of their accessories (or whatever) and they were carved on their building. I also seem to recall that there were carving of them being used, I'll have to check my pictures, which as 35 mm slides, are not that easy to get at.

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