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Discussion in 'Computer Questions' started by itile4u, May 4, 2013.

  1. itile4u

    itile4u New Member

    Well I got my Computer Club program Power Point Shows all finished up. I learned 6 new things I had never done before. U can always learn something new.
  2. bmac007

    bmac007 Member

    I don't know powerpoint and you are right...you can always keep learning!! You should tell everyone about Talk Of Sun City in the Computer Club as I bet all them would love it and talk through this site in the club section... Maybe they do a course on a forum site like this one!! :D
  3. Sulley007

    Sulley007 New Member

    True you can always learn something new every day, you just have to have an open mind to it!
  4. mrsbscrafts

    mrsbscrafts New Member

    Hi Sully, my name is Bobbie (mrsbscrafts) - Sully your right - we are never to young to learn something new no matter if it's a computer program or taking a car apart, it's good to learn :)+)
  5. bmac007

    bmac007 Member

    mrsbscraft you are RIGHT!!! Since this thread I started learning powerpoint and know how to do some basics.. Happy Memorial Day!!!
  6. mrsbscrafts

    mrsbscrafts New Member

    bmac007, this is Bobbie - keep up the good work - you'll always have your education or anything that you can teach yourself. have a good day.
  7. pegmih

    pegmih Well-Known Member

    I taught computers to teachers & kids in elementary school. Kids learned the fastest!
    People are always asking me questions and I enjoy helping them.
    I'm not the most knowledgeable but many people in Sun City do not use computers or want to learn.
    That will no doubt change as baby boomers move in.
  8. bmac007

    bmac007 Member

    The kids in this generation only know computers.. They won't even know how to live without it....
    You are correct though... anyone right now 60 and under are computer literate and every 5 years it gets stronger and stronger... It's a good thing when used the right way... I personally love computers...
  9. Cynthia

    Cynthia Well-Known Member

    I'm 60 this year and I've been using a computer since 1985. I was a bit ahead of most my time and for many years was the go to person for issues among my friends. I've found now that many young people don't know computers that well anymore because they are all just using their smart phones. They even type school papers on the smart phone. But they are good with their thumbs.
  10. Anita Mae

    Anita Mae Member

    I created my very 1st power point back in the year 2000 - - it was unique - - the history of myself .. I than created one with Cost of Living 2007 - comparing Houston, Lincoln, NE and sun City, - - - just recently - favorite places I visited in AZ. Fun Stuff !
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  11. BruceW

    BruceW Active Member

    I suspect in future years arthritis in the thumb joint will be the major ailment for today's young folks.

    I like computers too, they are a blessing and a curse. ;-) At work folks just down the hall will send an IM instead of coming to talk... weird!
    I built my first computer in 1978, not too long after starting in the high tech industry. In my past I've written a bit of code in pascal, C+, and Unix shell. Now days I'm just a user and have lost most of my techie knowledge, I'll leave that to the younger crowd.
    Computers have changed drastically over the years. My first computer I built had a 20 kilobyte disk drive that I could hold with two hands and that was cutting edge. Now days my smart phone has 32 gigabyte, simply amazing! God gave humans an amazing mind to dream up some pretty cool stuff.
  12. Anita Mae

    Anita Mae Member

    BruceW -- appears you were really into computers when they were first coming into the public ! ! You saw some MANY Changes in our Modern Tech !
    AND agree -- hand problems probably will be a threat to our younger group .

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