Please Vote in the RCSC election for Kat Fimmel

Discussion in 'Sun City General Discussions' started by SunCityGal, Oct 5, 2020.

  1. BPearson

    BPearson Well-Known Member

    I went, sat in the back and just listened. Pretty good with well intended candidates. There's one i would quickly eliminate and once you watch the video i suspect you will agree. I probably will go again on Thursday, maybe even ask some a question. We'll see. The biggest point of the election will be in finding a new GM. It's time for a change and hopefully one who understands the need to return to building a sense of community where ownership of the process is critical to our success. Frankly, i'm tired of being looked at as a "card-holder."
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  2. aggie

    aggie Well-Known Member

    I got through about a third of the forum and pretty much know my picks. Hope to get through the rest of it and the 2nd forum if the election results finally get less distracting. Bill, hope you were able to ask some questions to test the candidates positions and knowledge.
  3. BPearson

    BPearson Well-Known Member

    Thanks aggie, i elected not to go last night. I have made it a point to stay away from the RCSC governance issue for now. I did want to hear them and have made my selections of who to vote for. I've got too much going on at the museum right now. We are wrapping up the new exhibits and preparing a marketing strategy across several platforms. Opening for members the middle of November with reservations and the general population December 6. Anyone who is currently a member or who joins will be invited to sign up on our website. Stay tuned as we start promoting.
  4. aggie

    aggie Well-Known Member

    Finished watching the 1st Forum and all of the 2nd. I know who will get my 5 votes. These taped candidate forums are so helpful and what a fantastic feature for those of us who want to be informed but are too cautious to attend in person.

    I do have a comment about the topic of bowling which had been brought up several times. We are bowlers and our health is so much more important than participating in a large group. We miss the friendship and sport. We have bowled in Sun City for nearly 20 years. I applaud the RCSC for taking the steps they have to protect our residents. Peoria Lanes is crowded, some maskless, and probably a breeding ground for COVID. So why would we want that to happen here? We are seniors and many with pre-existing conditions. Some are in their 90s and it is sad that they can't participate but understand why leagues aren't ongoing. A financial loss is better than loss of life. There are some that go to the lanes and bowl socially which is a safe activity but crowds equal unnecessary
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  5. Emily Litella

    Emily Litella Well-Known Member

    I agree with aggie. I also agree with the current rec center restrictions and I support what the board and management have done and will do in the future to keep us ALL safe. Thank you also to a lady named Tracey who speaks at the end of every meeting to express her thanks in person.

    I am one of the younger and healthier residents here and I support the measures taken to prevent spread to those who are older and not as healthy.

    I like Kat even more after viewing the second candidate forum yesterday. I think Director Hoffer did a fine job as moderator.

    Thank you to Gdv for asking his questions. They were very helpful in narrowing down my last candidate choice.

    Have a great week all and stay safe.
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  6. aggie

    aggie Well-Known Member

    One more comment on the lack of participants in bowling at this time. I'm not sure the one candidate realizes that bowling isn't free. Each game bowled costs a resident $2.65 when you just go to open bowl a game or two. League bowling costs a minimum of $10 a week and some up to $15 a week. When a couple bowls it doubles the cost and if you bowl in more than one league the outlay can run close to $200. Times are tough both with COVID and financially. Many of the bowling lanes outside of Sun City have bowlers that are not seniors in addition to non seniors being employed. Golf continued to be open but that is a sport for those that can afford it. It was also open to non-residents to increase income.

    Swimmers, those that frequent the workout rooms, walkers at the indoor tracks, pickle ball players and many others don't have to pay any additional cost to use RCSC facilities. They can participate 7 days a week at no additional cost which is such a great feature. Bowlers will again come back to the sport they love when it is safe and feasible to compete without so many restrictions that are required to enjoy the sport.
  7. BPearson

    BPearson Well-Known Member

    I watched in awe (awe are you freaking kidding me) as one candidate yammered on about how well golf is doing and how poorly bowling was doing. He cited budget numbers to make his point; and in one abysmal effort suggested the director of golf should be considered for the GM opening due to his spectacular results. DUH! Golf was open and bowling was shut down. Golf was the only game in town; literally. On a brighter note, there are six well qualified candidates for the 5 openings.
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  8. pegmih

    pegmih Well-Known Member

    I voted for RCSC candidates online yesterday.

    This week I shopped at Sun City Safeway rather than going to Walmart on Lake Pleasant.
    Walmart tends to have a large variety of people including kids. Our Safeway mainly has us seniors.
    I was concerned about Covid.
    Am I being paranoid?????

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