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Discussion in 'Sun City Festival - Arizona' started by Rusco, Jun 17, 2015.

  1. Rusco

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    We'll be making our 2nd visit to Festival beginning Thursday, June 18th. We're staying there 4 nights. During our stay we're also visiting the other Sun City developments. We love Sun City Festival. Our concern is value. From my research it appears Sun City and Sun City West, while maybe not as glitzy, may be a much, much better value. But that may not make a difference in our final decision. We're also visiting Quail Creek (again) in Green Valley and Anthem@Merrill Ranch. All of these communities remain on our now very short list of possibilities for our future home (2016). I have reviewed our previous visits (June 2014) on the city-data forum.
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    Have a good visit Rusco. Make sure you ask what the property taxes will be on a home in the price range you are looking at for comparison. The taxes are the lowest both for sales and property in the original Sun City(no schools).

    Another important issue here in Arizona is the water supply, waste water processing and delivery systems. Ask what the monthly water/wastewater cost is for a comparable home in Festival.
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    Does Sun City Festival (being farther West) have the same water source as Sun City, Sun City West, Sun City Grand?

    We hope to be in our retirement home for 20 years. Which area has the best water resources for the next 20 years?
  4. Huntley

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    We recently visited SCF and found the facilities to be first rate. Beautiful view of the mountains, especially at sunset.

    The pool was refreshing after spending a day in the 110 degree heat.

    The Indigo Grille food was good. Residents were welcoming. Several couples noticed we were from IL and came over to introduce themselves. No one had a bad thing to say about living there.

    The issue is the 11 mile drive to Surprise, especially at night.
    There are mulitiple signs along the road saying "watch out for animals". In IL, we've seen what damage a deer can do to a car.
    During our four day stay, we observed a car that had run off the road and was in the process of being towed out. Skid marks on the road indicate previous car-animal encounters.

    Once inside, we can't think of a bad thing to say about the SCF community.

    We need to decide if the 11 mile drive is something we really want to do, especially as we get older.
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    That's one of the things about Webb's Sun City's, they are usually well done and that sense of belonging is almost always felt upon arrival. That's why it's good to try several, not every one of them is right for your particular tastes, wants or needs. The thing going for the ones they are still "selling" is they have the Play and Stay packages that get your feet in the door and the opportunity to feel it up close and personal.

    As far as being "out there," they said the same thing about Sun City when it opened in 1960. It took a while, but once the sevices began to fill in, it happened quickly. Heck, we had our own hospital opened in less than 10 years. The question you have to ask yourself is this: "how likely is that to happen here?"

    The one single and simple truth is we all get older (at least we hope to), and as we age, we tend to want things closer rather than further away.

    Nice update H, you'll figure it out...what's best for you and where.

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