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    In a recent post (can't find post) someone called the Orca a dolphin.

    The Orca is a whale. It is called The Killer Whale, but it is very peaceful. Well, maybe not to the fish it eats!

    I was instrumental in making the Orca the Washington State Marine Mammal.
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    How so Peg? Did you work for the State of Washington or for Animals?
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    One of my favorite non-profits is the marinemammalcenter.org so it's good to learn of a kindred spirit out there helping them. Thanks for what you did to bring attention to such a splendid creature.
  4. pegmih

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    I was a Libaray Media Technician in an elementary school in Oak Harbor WA. The 2nd grade studied whales. I suggested to one of the teachers that we try to make the Orca the State Mammal. The teacher did all the class work around whales - reading, writing, 'rithmetic, etc. They even went to the Whale Museum on one of the islands. The link above mentions a school being responsible.

    I contacted every Indian Reservation, many cities, important people, and more. A wonderful congressman offerred to sponsor the bill. A person in Eastern Washington objected so we changed the name to State Marine Mammal. Not many states have one.
    I understand that when the bill was on the floor for consideration that Orca sounds were played much to the distress of some people.

    The bill passed on April 4, 2005. I was interviewed by the Seattle Times and had my picture and a long article in the paper.
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    Peg, we are headed up to Washington on the 17th. Can't wait to get out of the summer heat for a few weeks.
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    Where in Washington are you going?

    Be sure to go up in the Space Needle.

    Perhaps you can take a Whale Watching Trip. They are rather pricey but fun. The ones I took were out of Anacortes.

    For making the Orca the Washington State Marine Mammal, I was given free tickets.
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