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    Carole, Thanks!
    So because of the quorum rule, a proxy gets to count like a body whereas an absentee ballot couldn't?
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    Good day suncity jack,

    A ballot, whether absentee or cast in person is for a specific vote. Such as a political candidate or a referendum. The ballot will printed with the topics to make decisions on, and then the ballot is marked as to the choices one chooses to make. Ballots are either filled out at a voting location or can be requested through the state or county for an early voting ballot which would be mailed back. Ballots have all of the issues printed out on them, designating what item or person you are voting for, and you make the choice and you are done. This is done as a solitary act, with decisions made solely by you.

    A proxy is allowing another person to act in your stead. By signing a proxy, you are giving the person you signed the proxy over to, permission to conduct business at a meeting as if they were you in the meeting. The person using your proxy will ask the lead of the meeting to honor and verify all of the proxies are from valid members. Once this process is done, the holder of the proxies can now vote as if you were at the meeting voting yourself. The proxy also allows for additional discussion and questions which might otherwise not be allowed to discussed, such as costs, budgets, audits and the like. Like a ballot, it is a one time use, for the specific purpose of conducting business on your behalf.

    So, with a ballot, you will make the choices from the issues offered, and once completed, you place the ballot in the box or an envelope and you are done.

    With a proxy, you sign a form, which you will put your membership number and name on, and the form now becomes the property of the designated member you gave the proxy to. The will use this form to ask questions, make suggestions, ask for concessions from the leader of the meeting, and expect answers at that time. Once the meeting is done, the proxy is invalid, as it was signed for a specific purpose on a specific day.

    Absentee Ballots are not offered at the annual meeting, but proxies, if made and collected, per the RCSC bylaws, will be recognized. Not cheerfully, but they have to be recognized.

    Hope this helps on the difference between a ballot and a proxy. Have a great evening.
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    Thanks again Carole. Seems like it could be pretty confusing if a person takes on more than a few proxies (do you estimate a certain amt. per person or would that depend on how many issues were scheduled?), esp. if some would say Vote Yes on item 1 and 2, but not on 3; and another says Vote No on item 1 but Yes on 2 and 3, etc. Imagine the issues would have to be clearly laid out beforehand.
    Do you really think many people would be willing to sign a proxy? Other than people who would be out of town or ill, it seems those interested enough in the issues would show up for the meeting. Or have you already been chatting to enough folks to know there'd be a critical mass?
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    I truly believe in making at a general proxy, as in reality we never know what the GM or the BOD would throw out there. I know my choices would be to lower the quorum so we don't have to use proxies, ask for a forensic accounting of the books so we all know where the money is going, and asking for a new search group be put together for a new GM. Those are what I would like to see considered. There is a good chance nothing I want would even make it past the board, so all of my proxy collecting would be to prove to the board and GM that is can be done. If nothing came of it, at least I would feel a great sense of accomplishment representing the members.

    I also believe if given the opportunity, many folks would rather sign the proxy then to attend the NON meeting which is what usually occurs. Haven't done any canvassing as with the second wave of Covid coming, I suspect there will be no annual meeting in the year 2021. Just a hunch.

    Have a great evening suncityjack.

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