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    Are we having more monsoons than usual?
  2. Monsoon rains and lightning storms have been pretty absent since the mid 1990's in the valley. So I guess we're having more than usual as of late.

    But pre-1995-ish, monsoon season was more intense than the past couple weeks weather -- afternoon/evening rains 3-4 days a week, great lightening storms at night, and heat/humidity. In deference to the newspaper article a few weeks ago, streets in SC flooded back then, particularly in Phase 1. Occasionally the median channels on 99th ave would overflow the bridges across them, and the rivers and washes would run. Occasionally, streets would be impassable for an hour or so.

    The population of the Valley has almost doubled since 1990 -- the heat island affect from the increased number of home roofs, paved areas, etc is likely the cause of the monsoon weather shift within the valley. But global weather changes have greatly exacerbated the problem -- if no storms move over the White Tanks or down from the North, it doesn't matter about the heat island.
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    Good info. I saw some photos where the Bell Road bridge washed out in 1980.

    I think in the four and a half years we've been here this is the most monsoon action that I've seen. Usually it has been the East Valley that gets all the rain.

    The lightning has been amazing. I was driving home from Fairway last night and I extended my drive around just to watch the lightning.
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    Did anyone notice the old Mesquite that was in front of the Bell Library is gone? It was a victim of lightning a few days ago. I went by early in the morning to drop books in the slot and saw it.

    It was a great tree and I'm sure had a lot of history behind it because it was so old. Does anyone have any old photos of it at any of the old events at Bell Rec from years past?
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    Hey, can we put some statue(s) where the tree was? Seems like a good spot for a Meeker statue, no? Seems like something special should go there. It looks so empty now.
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    Monsoon activity in CO has been higher this year than in the last 5+ years.
    All around the Denver metro many are having to get new roofs because of this stuff.

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    We used to get hail that size occasionally in NC.

    Some roofing projects going on here in SC since the monsoons this past week.

    We really need the rain.
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    I could be wrong but I recall Bell " dipping down" into the Agua Fria. That meant crossing at Grand or Thunderbird when it rained heavily. Haven't been involved with monsoons but recall incredible winter rains that stopped traffic with flooding on I-10, flooded the runways at PHX, and covered the greens with hail during the final round at the Phoenix Open.
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    Don't look for it anytime soon emily, most folks have no clue on who John Meeker was. Our history has been sorely neglected, so if folks don't go to the museum, they will know virtually nothing. The funny thing is, once they get a taste, they often want more. So curious we don't do a better job of telling the Sun City story. Someday eh?

    I've seen the lawn bowling greens covered in white balls of hail. Doesn't happen often, but on rare occasions we get a blast. This monsoon season has seen some pretty strong wind gusts and if you have driven around a bit you may have noticed several monster trees leaning on the roofs of houses as they have toppled with their massive root system pulling the yard out with them. Ouch.
  10. pegmih

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    A neighbor had their back patio roof blown off and it landed in front on the street.
  11. Cynthia

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    My roof had no damage but I did lose one patio chair into the lake. It was secured but apparently not enough. Lesson learned.

    Curious which specie of monster trees went down?
  12. Cynthia

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    I lived around Sloan's Lake in Denver in the mid 80s. We had some hail one of those years but I've never seen hail this large. Impressive.
  13. BruceW

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    Headlines from Colorado Springs yesterday. :eek:
    On Monday afternoon, violent thunderstorms brought hail as large as softballs to parts of El Paso County. The weather service warns that heavy rainfall could also cause flooding to areas, including Colorado Springs, Fountain, Manitou Springs, Fort Carson, Security and Peterson Air Force Base.

    Eight people at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo were transported to the hospital due to hail-related injuries. Zoo officials report that three birds were killed by the hail. Colorado Springs police and fire departments warn people to be cautious of the severe hail and take cover.

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  14. Emily Litella

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    Ohmigod that's just terrible. I don't think I've ever seen hail that size.
  15. Emily Litella

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    Second attempt to upload photos of damage from early morning drive on 7/31.

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    The last photo is of a conga line of Canada Geese crossing over Alabama Avenue in Phase 1 from one side of the golf course to the other. Aka Sun City traffic jam.

    Unfortunately, some photos were too large to upload.

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