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    In another thread this comment was made and a suggestion to start its own thread followed. I thought it an excellent idea, especially after this past week of craziness. Here's the comment:

    "Lines," IMHO, are imaginary, things we humans invent when we want to deny someone their right to voice an opinion different from our own.

    There's so many directions this can go in, for now, i will sit back and read what others feel/think.
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    Interesting. 24 reads, nothing. The comment that sparked the thread was in my opinion, more than fair. I had made mention in my Del Webb series on the museum site about Sean Spicer and arguing crowd size in relation to Sun City's grand opening in 1960. I always try and take into consideration the audience i am writing for/to, and temper my remarks so as not to insult readers. There was a time in my life where that was less important, when i was more concerned about the outcome than how i got there.

    Even now, i try and error on being more careful. In this section, "non Sun City related discussions," i tend to be more openly critical than i am in the "Sun City related discussion" section. I know readers there may well be potential buyers and i pick my words rather than just blurt things out. I believe humor that is edgy and tastefully used can be an asset to a well written article. I am reading more than ever these days and the fiction i read that makes me laugh out loud or cry quietly to myself are the type of books i gravitate to.

    All of this begs the question, where are we headed as a society? While we can be cautious, what happens when we have a president who has no filters? Has no boundaries? Could care less who he insults, defames or hurts with remarks having no basis in fact or truth? What kind of message does that send kids? Adults? And especially those who are warped from the start? In my humble opinion, it is tragic beyond repair. Once down that road, how and when do we move back to a "normal" existence?

    I have mentioned i read two right wing sites every morning. The most fascinating columns are from the"never-trumpers." Their queries about how does the republican party ever return to their once staunch principled beliefs are truly insightful. Once you abandon principles and make "winning" the only thing that matters, you have virtually sold your soul to the devil. Not holding the president accountable, not insisting there are some lines that can't be crossed insures an abysmal say nothing as to what it does to the country.

    I used to be way more focused on the bigger picture around the country and the world. Not so much anymore. I've come to appreciate i can only fix me and the things i come in immediate and direct contact with. That's why Sun City was the perfect place. We have the opportunity to let our own actions improve the community we live in. Outside the walls, not so much. Inside the walls, anything is possible. It all becomes more possible when we hold lines of civility and a mutual respect for one another.
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    I'm one of the read but not post-ers. It just has seemed like a nightmare or delusion what has happened over the past term of the Presidency & I dread what may happen in 2020. I also am so frustrated over our own AZ legislators, the Corporation Commission fiascos, the approval of the $32 Highway Safety (Tax) Fee for all license renewals, so many new housing developments being approved by the County Supervisors when we are urged to conserve water, Debbie Lesko/Doug Ducey pushing through the short term rentals of homes and then right down to our own RCSC's crazy new meeting format which in no way has increased transparency. Ugggghhhh! See why I've been quiet? :eek:
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    Spot on aggie. Easy to sound like you are all about what's best for people when you get to stand on your own unfiltered soap box and drone on endlessly. Kind of like going to the G7 Summit and pronounce you are an environmentalist as you fail to attend the session on it. The simple truth is, no one as pissed on mother earth worse than this president. Environmentalist my ass.

    The challenge truly is we get worn out by those who have all the power to do as they please. Thank God Joe Arpio has thrown his hat in the ring to be the next sheriff. Who better to dig us out of the hole we are in? It just keeps getting better and better eh?
  5. aggie

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    This is just what we need. A pardoned criminal who cost the taxpayers 100s of millions of dollars during his regime(and still continues). AZ voters deserve what they get if we continue down this road......the laughing stock of the country.
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    Watching the news the other night, they covered some of the good sheriff's exploits. If my math was close, it was bumping up around 200 million dollars over the years in settled lawsuits. How about before he throws his hat in the ring, he pays the county/state back.

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