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    I was impressed with it, but much was over my head as it went so fast at beginning with so many characters and the intricacies of the vote, so should watch it again. I was really fascinated with the Tommy Lee Jones character. I've always liked TLJ as he was never one of Hollywood's pretty boys and has a face that just got more and more writ on with character. In a short video, I liked him as Sarty's pap in Faulkner's "Barn Burning" and he was perfect. Anyway, I read up on Thaddeus Stevens to see how much was true and now he is my new hero!
    I also enjoyed all the lively verbiage throughout esp. when the missus Lincoln verbally sparred with Abe. I wish I hadn't seen the wheelbarrow scene as that will stick with me like Godfather and horse's head. Really don't like those images in my memory bank and once in, it's not like they will ever disappear. I was hoping for a better soundtrack and scenery, but I think they did an excellent job of getting Lincoln down from the Memorial and walking in our midst. It was definitely the most humanizing portrayal and Sally's was too. No demonizing and no MGM star style fluff, but a gritty, disturbing window into someone unraveling with understandable cause. I liked the storytelling aspect of Lincoln too esp. how some of the way they related to the circumstances was hazy and made you try to get into his head. I'm glad Daniel and Sally got the Oscars.

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