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    There is no question i will chat with Joe, if nothing else, regarding the historical significance of the Lakes Club. Beyond that, it could become the defining difference in Sun City's future. New communities have less amenities but almost always have a community gathering place. They develop a campus type feel which becomes the "town commons" for lack of a better description. The Lakes Club could be all that and so much more. Long before any further decisions should be made, pursuing that acquisition should be explored.

    The bigger question is how do we get from where we are headed to where we should be going? Our history (Sun City's) should provide a road map, but the RCSC and the board obviously are blind to its importance. In all likelihood i will be on the Museum's board in 2020 and i am excited about the potential to help take it to the next level. If we come close to reaching the 5 year strategic plan we are looking at, the Museum could become a force in the community. Not from a political perspective, but from an all embracing educational one.

    Sun City is such an amazing place to live, the tragedy is, it could be so much more.
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    I am thinking of doing volunteer work in the museum office when I stop working in 1.5 years. I love that house and history is important to me.
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    Best choice you could make suss. Way fun and educational as well.
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