Leather or fabric?

Discussion in 'Non Sun City Related Discussions' started by BPearson, Aug 15, 2015.

  1. BPearson

    BPearson Well-Known Member

    It's always interesting (at least to me) to see how people that move to Sun City/Arizona evolve. When we rented our place out, we were less picky about what we put in the home. Don't get me wrong, we started by furnishing it at garage sales, thrift stores and consignment shops, but quickly came to see that as nonsense.

    I leave the decorating to my better half, she clearly has the better eye. We found prices on new furniture to be just a tad higher than consignment shops. Garage sale stuff was marginal at best and the folks that had better stuff always wanted a bigger price than we felt it was worth. Consequently we ended up buying new, though always understanding we'd eventually replace it (once we moved here).

    My wife had a "thing" about leather. No, no, not that kind of thing...she just wasn't of the mind leather made sense. I on the other hand loved the look and the feel, but we stayed with the more traditional fabrics that were popular. Now some 12 years later, our tastes have changed dramatically.

    Our house is large and has a living room, Arizona room, lanai, large office and screened-in porch, we have an inordinate number of couches and chairs. In every case, they are leather, with the exception of an older couch we moved to the screen porch. We've become huge fans of the feel of leather; in the summer it's cooler and in the winter it tends to hold our body heat. It just seems more comfortable.

    So, all are you all into leather or are you a fabric kind of person?
  2. 3rdGen

    3rdGen Member

    Until they make furniture ( leather ) that has A/C vents like in my Cadillac
    it's all fabric. ;)
  3. BPearson

    BPearson Well-Known Member

    A Cadillac 3G, really? Aren't they just clichés on wheels for old people?

    Just kidding brother, wish I could afford one.

    The funny thing about the Ford Escape we drive is we covered the leather seats with some kind of fabric seat covers. Dummies really, because I bought some custom made ones online and they were awful. My wife found a set at Costco for like 30 bucks and they were perfectly fine. Go figure.

    And the other thing about leather is, go shopping for it and you will be stunned at the various kinds of leather out there. Of course the really expensive stuff, (sorry, we don't have any of that) it is the real deal glove-like softness and all; but if you walk in to Great American Furniture (10 miles from us), you'll be amazed at the choices. They do have exceptional prices bttw, and I hate to admit to being this lazy, but the recliners (both sofa's and chairs) with the automated actions are my idea of heaven on earth.

    Simple pleasures for a simple mind so it seems eh?
  4. Emily Litella

    Emily Litella Well-Known Member

    We have leather sofa and leather loveseat and two fabric recliners in the living room. We have a fabric loveseat and fabric recliner in the Arizona Room. So my answer would have to be both. You can tie in fabric throw pillows to match the fabric recliners on the leather sofa and loveseat.
  5. BPearson

    BPearson Well-Known Member

    Here's the real problem with fabric: For those of us who like to nap during the day on a couch or recliner, it's just too dammed hard to get the drool off the fabric. Leather cleans right up; no muss, no fuss.
  6. 3rdGen

    3rdGen Member

    Now that is not only funny but true !
  7. 3rdGen

    3rdGen Member

    Oh I hear ya ;)

    It's the perfect ride for Sun City, kinda under the radar and out on the road not only does it get around
    25mpg but for the few stretches chances are your not going to get lit up for doing 80 !

    I'll admit I purchased mine pre owned another advantage of Sun City :joyous:
  8. J_and_V

    J_and_V Member

    All the stuff going into our place will fabric...some heirlooms, some stuff we bought here in Seattle. Our "retirement" home is bigger than our current home, so it will be interesting to see how we end up decorating the place.
  9. Emily Litella

    Emily Litella Well-Known Member

    LOL. You have to wear an e-collar then while napping on the fabric furniture.
  10. Emily Litella

    Emily Litella Well-Known Member

    I want a completely redone over 59 Caddy.
  11. J_and_V

    J_and_V Member

    I'd settle for a 1979 Jeep CJ-7
  12. BPearson

    BPearson Well-Known Member

    You guys have it all wrong...you should be thinking about what kind of golf car you are going to buy. It's amazing the choices out there. And then again, maybe it's just a guy thing...kind of like retiring and buying that fire-engine red convertible eh?
  13. BPearson

    BPearson Well-Known Member

    Dang you got me all excited so I dropped down to the golf car thread on this site and started looking: This one is especially cool, except you'll either have to paint it or change your name to Harry (which is way better than being named hairy).

    Now you'll have to look eh?
  14. J_and_V

    J_and_V Member

    Oh, the golf car is on the list, but first I have to remember to call it a car instead of a cart - and no, I don't want to have that debate again.

    There's a golf car thread on this site?
  15. Cynthia

    Cynthia Well-Known Member

    Super cool looking golf car. Maybe Harry is the cars name. I'd love to buy one but I'm afraid I'd slide out of the non-door. I want more protection. Now a Caddy...that boat is real protection.
  16. BPearson

    BPearson Well-Known Member

    I don't know about the caddy thing C, but here's one for you.. I have doors, but they're made of leather.
  17. BruceW

    BruceW Member

    No golf cars for me yet, currently looking at an Electra Glide, my son calls them a couch on 2 wheels.
    Although we do have his and hers reclining movie chairs that are leather... they are the best.
  18. J_and_V

    J_and_V Member

    Electric Glide = Sweet
  19. pegmih

    pegmih Active Member

    what is an Electra Glide? I am looking for a new recliner.
  20. Emily Litella

    Emily Litella Well-Known Member

    LOL. It's a Harley, Peg. You're gonna have to buy a leather jacket to go along with it.

    We have a guy (think he lives in Phase I) who has invented a motorized couch. I have seen him riding around with his grandkids on the weekends. Too funny.

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