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Discussion in 'Landscape Talk' started by Anita Mae, Jul 11, 2013.

  1. Anita Mae

    Anita Mae New Member

    If you plant your desert landscape - -wisely - - you will not really need a landscaper ! ! Why pay the cost for one of those guys ! ! ! - - plus have to put up with his terrible Gas-operated blower ! ! ! ! bad for the Ozone and bad for breathing ! !
    *** However - - to do your own little bit of landscaping trimming and up-keep ...invest in an electric plant/bush trimmer (very low cost) and or sturdy hand-held trimmers.... Job done by you ! ! * * *
    * * No big cost for the landscaper and you get a nice work-out ! !
  2. Cynthia

    Cynthia Well-Known Member

    My gardener cost $25 and 2 guys work about 30 min-1 hour. Even in LA they are not too expensive. I used to do all my work but they keep it cleaner than me, he does it every week. But I do have a fair amount of hedges and neighbors planted foliage on the fences on both side of me so that has to be cut too. Half of what I cut comes over from the neighbors yards. He uses an electric blower.
  3. DDArm

    DDArm Member

    You are so correct. We moved from a house in Surprise, that had dessert landscaping, but all the wrong type of plants. In the summer would need to landscape once a month, costing a lot. Our SC home is also dessert landscape, but all the right plants. Very low maintenance.
  4. gilmark

    gilmark New Member

    I have a Shrimp bush in my front yard that blooms year around It looks pretty frail right now, but I hope it will come back. I've never seen one anywhere else. When I get a picture, I'll post it. The Hummingbirds love it.
  5. archer

    archer New Member

    We have a shrimp plant, and yes the hummers love it. THey are actually pretty hardy, even our recent winter freezes don't faze them, they come back nicely when it warms up. We keep ours trimmed so it doesn't get scraggly
  6. Cynthia

    Cynthia Well-Known Member

    Does your shrimp plant have a yellow flower, like this shrimp.jpg ? Or is it red?

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