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    Take me back, please take me back! *We spent a solid 2 years searching for a 55+ community to call home. We narrowed our choices to the state of AZ after also looking at Florida, Texas, Arkansas and Oregon. Then we narrowed further to a Del Webb community after looking at several other builders including Robson, Shea and Heritage. Finally we looked at communities within the Del Webb sector. *That resulted in our choice of Festival for numerous reasons. *Among those reasons is the 'friendliness' factor.

    I understand 'friendliness' is a vague term and probably each of you would have your own definition. Is it reflected by the look on a residents face? Is it the willingness to wave and say hello as you pass on the street? Is it the atmosphere in the community club house or on the pickle ball courts? *The answer for me is-yes. Yes to all of that and *more.

    We just returned to our home in MN. We live in a nice townhouse development filled with mostly younger families with children. There are a few older people and they are nice enough. Yesterday on *one of my routine daily walks I noticed something. I miss our new home *in AZ. We've only been homeowners in Festival for a few days. We've visited there 4 times in the past two years. We've been back here less than a week and *already I long to return to our new home.

    My longing became apparent on the aforementioned walk I met a middle age man walking on the same sidewalk. He didn't even look up and acknowledge me. There was no *smile on his face much less a 'hello'. There is a substantial lack of friendliness out here in the real world. People tend *not to acknowledge another unless they've an established friendship. Store clerks are friendly because they are paid to be and they're doing their job. Please take me back to Festival.

    We were at our new house in Festival at least a half dozen times last week as we signed the papers making it our own. In that brief time we met numerous neighbors chatted with passers-by and waved at all the others driving by in vehicles. Many of them had *initiated the greeting. I recall a pair of women walkers waving at me from a distance *of a half block as we headed in different directions. It was as if there was a fleeting chance to say hello to a stranger and they weren't going to miss it.

    Take me back to the land of the friendly. Take me back to Festival. *Alas it'll be another 5 weeks before we make our final move and I will call it home, forever.

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