Lakeview Rec Center Area Outdoors

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  1. Anita Mae

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    Lakeview.jpg Lakeview Trail.jpg Lake view goose.jpg Lakeview RABBIT  - DSCN1216 -.jpg Lakeview berries.jpg

    You can paddle your canoe, walk the trail, or sit and relax and watch the beauty go by ! Sun City's Lakeview Rec.
    If you are a homeowner on the Lake - -certain you enjoy your boat, also !
  2. Anita Mae

    Anita Mae New Member

    Lakeview Sunset. Beautiful on that lake !

    Lakeview Rec Sunset.jpg
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  3. gilmark

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    Great pictures. Isn't Lake View a gem for Sun City!
  4. Anita Mae

    Anita Mae New Member

    Lakeview is a gem for Sun City ! In the winter months -- they hold a Duck race - - Unique event. All these ducks fall down the water fall that are on the Lakeview Grounds. A different sight - - not to only watch the ducks (little yellow ones, I might add ) but to watch all the on lookers who are watching this event.
    Dec. hosts a beautiful winter "Christmas Season - - Decorate the boats with Lights Parade". And that is a beautiful, colorful sight, with the water reflections, as a bonus ! This pic of the Lakeview Sunset taken 12-10-10 - is from that Event.

    Lakeview Rec Sunset.jpg

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