Isn't it time to invoke the 25th Amendment?

Discussion in 'Sun City General Discussions' started by CMartinez, Jul 15, 2020.

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    Sorry carptrash, removed as inappropriate. Thanks
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    Thinking about the comment by the orange one - It is what it is - It made me feel quite uncomfortable with this kind of an assessment. Who can look at these kind of numbers, and make such a cruel statement? It has been said he doesn't care about people dying, as long as isn't him. He sees these dead people as mere numbers, not as family members, community members, those who had value in someone's life. He only wants some numbers to show the economy is improving. It is stupid, in the morgue business.

    All of the extra people who had to file additional unemployment benefits, because no one in Washington can get off the mark. The republicans have over 100 days to do something productive and didn't. So now they want to blame everyone else except themselves. And people are being tossed out of their homes, people can't feed their families, and there is massive suffering because of the lousy cheeto.

    The last little nugget is when the predicted death toll will be over 300,000 by Christmas. Looking forward to that holiday number, eh? How can anyone think or believe this is okay? How can anyone support this jerk in his death wish for the American People? And send them to school, because kids won't get sick and take it back to their families.

    I am so sorry for anyone who supports this miserable excuse for a human, as he has no compassion for anyone, he is only out to get what he can get for himself, that is it.
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    No, GdV, please go on. When we have something to share it is polite to do so. The book I have ranking the presidents was done by asking hundreds of historians, political scientists and "other informed people" to rank the guys by, 1 Leadership qualities, 2 Accomplishments and crisis management, 3 Political skill, 4 Appointments, and 5 Character and integrity. It is difficult to see where the current fellow is going to get a lot of points. It is a pretty interesting chart, and in the back all the "experts" are listed. I looked but did not find you there.
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    Would I be a good president?
    Would you be a good president?
    It would probably not be decided until after we died.
    That seems to be when the decision is made.
    I will give everyone $1,000 if they vote for me.
    Just write me in as "Orca".
    Now I have to find out where I can get all that money.
    Oh, yes. The U.S. Treasury.
  5. Hey CT, thanks for the kind words. This whole ranking system is just a bit subjective. What book are you reading as I am interested.

    Was going to go for a Masters in history, got accepted but no money. Worked my summer job instead then joined VISTA for a few years. Then finally started a career which I really loved.
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    If you collect a $1000 per vote, that is illegal, so it would end up with you in a jail cell. That isn't what you want is it?

    You are an intelligent and caring person, I am quite sure you are not seeking an alternative lifestyle at this point?
  7. CM, I believe that Orca was referring to the guaranteed income that Andrew Yang campaign on this past year. I don’t believe she was talking about vote buying, that’s for Republicans.
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    A friend sent me this from Canada, well worth the watch...kind of says it all. Perhaps one of our pro-trump friends would like to defend his comments.

    The here.
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    Mom's book is "Rating the Presidents" by Ridings, and can be found on ABE (Advanced Book Exchange) - my go-to used book place for over 20 years, for about $4, with no S&H. It includes a list, 14 pages long, of who got a say in it. I got a BS in history and went on to try and get a MA in Historical Preservation but can not tell the story without a drink. Hopefully someday . .....
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    I am not inclined to vote for trump or Biden, so this sounds like a pretty good deal to me. As far as it being legal, we get to watch billions of dollars being poured into the election in an attempt to buy it, I don't find your offer offensive at all.
  11. pegmih

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    How much money is in the U.S. Treasury?
    Must be a lot if we are going to give millions, billions, trillions, etc. to Pandemic situations.
    Time to do a little research, huh?
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  13. Peg, generally the deficit (this relates to annual expenditures a/k/a fiscal year) is financed by the sale of treasury obligations, i.e., notes, bonds with short term maturity dates such as one month to a year. Longer term bonds have maturity dates up to thirty years. With interest rates extremely low, borrowing is almost free money. Also, these obligations when sold move to the country total debt (that’s the trillion dollar figures the Republicans get hyper about except when they are in office. Think that $1.5 trillion tax cut from 2017 that contributes to the deficit annually and the debt at the end the fiscal year.) These obligations are sold monthly at what as known as the treasury auction. CNBC is a good app as they have a section titled bonds which shows current interest rates for various obligations not only for U.S., but also major foreign countries.

    To sum up, as long as people and countries buy our treasury obligations, there is no limit to the amount of money available. It also helps to know the U. S. has never defaulted on repayment of these obligations in our history.

    CT, if I have misrepresented anything or some business school wonks want to complicate this, please let me know.

    Class dismissed and there will be a quiz on this material next week. Just kidding.
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    Wow, it has been an amazing read hear lately.

    Who would have known that TWO historians are the same chat? What are the chances of that happening? Both so well spoken, it does my heart good to read your posts with such esteemed answers. It is refreshing to see such knowledge put to such good use, it really is.

    Everyone is being so polite and not making nasty comments, WOW is all I can say.

    Now, to my comments. I am not a historian, and I will do my best to polite over the next few paragraphs, really, I will.

    tRump has started the dismantling of the post office by putting one his cronies in charge and laying off experienced post masters. He has put in place people who know absolutely nothing abut the postal service, but they are following orders to a T. So, what about the veterans and the others whom rely on the postal service for their medications? Go ahead and die, because this is what tRump really wants anyway? Forget about mail in voting, supposedly, tRump is sending in thousands or troops to make sure the elections are run to his specifics.

    Oh, and the fake help for the unemployed? It takes "Bills" from Congress to institute the types of changes tRump is trying to force down the line. Those fake pieces of paper he refers to as Executive Orders do not override Congressional power or responsibility.

    The stopping of taxes? I suppose no one here in Sun City needs the Social Security and Medicare to live? This disbands Social Security and Medicare as we know it. The cuts promised to Social Security and Medicare by tRump, well, how are the elderly, the disabled and others on disability, to include veterans, supposed to live? That's right, they aren't supposed to live. Need to keep giving the top 1% their needed additional tax cuts. Is there a move on to bring back poor houses or is everyone just supposed to wander around and find a place to drop for the night?

    300,000 dead by the end of the year due to Covid? It's okay, it will be children and young people because we need them to go back to school to pump up the economy, right? And of course, as the kiddo's are going to school, there is no chance of cross contamination to grandma or grandpa, or to the whole family for that matter. Does tRump care about you or your family?

    tRump only cares about himself. He is in the process of completing the sinister action of turning the United States of America into a third world shit-hole country so he and Putin can take it over. We are stranded in the North American Continent, with no resources to help, because Canada and Mexico have closed their borders to us. 34 other countries won't take Americans because of the Covid virus. Yep, give that con man his face on a mountain, he will probably soon order all statues be a likeness of him anyway. tRump is a narcissistic, egotistical, lying, selfish, maniacal pimp. He pimps himself as the best when he is absolutely the worst of everything you can think of a human being. I mean these statement in the most polite way I can think of.

    There is so much more to rant about, but why? All of us standing by and watching this in testament are praying anyone or anything else win the election and the russians don't try to steal the electoral college again. Popular vote only.

    Thank you for your time, it is always greatly appreciated. Have a phenomenal day!
  15. Thanks for the kind words on the historians. I know I have mentioned this story before when I met David McCullough w on one of his books tours. I thanked him form bringing history to the masses and I wish I we could do something about our schools. He thanked and said we are raising generations of historical illiterates who know about what it means to be a citizen of this country. Truer words never spoken if all the concentration is on STEM but the students can’t place when the Civil War took place within ten years or who won or who were our enemies during WWII. It really upsets me because history in general is so interesting and exciting. Taught a couple of years and students were bored until they learned about “watered stock” during the Gilded Age or that a Christian, a Diest and an Athiest drafted the Declaration of Independence or the Italians invented our banking system and method of accounting in Medieval times or Pericles gave a terrific oration on democracy (overlook the slavery part) 2350 years ago. I was hired for my career because I knew who Wallis Warfield Simpson was (her uncle was one of the founders of the company that hired me).
    I know I enjoy enlightening people about stories or facts they didn’t know.

    If you enjoy podcasts, I highly recommend one called Medieval Death Trip ( it is a play on a book title). I find it fascinating and even my significant other/life partner finds it very entertaining. The narrator is a university professor and the podcast has great production with chants, eerie sounds and wonderful sound effects, especially burning churches. Give it a try.

    Soory I am so wordy.
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    Maybe we need to have a thread on "Why History Matters." For example, trump just came out and said something like the Spanish Flu ended, or helped end the Second World War. Sorry, bub, wrong war. I don't think that the flu was much of a factor in ending the war, but in any case it was the First World War, not the Second. And when I mentioned this to my trump friend the answer I got back was, "Anyone could make a mistake like that." A reply that I do not buy. I don't consider myself a minor league historian because I got a BS in History 50 years ago but because I continued to study history for the following 50 years. Now, somewhat worn out by the 2020 Death Trip I am off to discover the Medieval Death Trip. A nod to GdV, I am sure that you know Barbara Tuchman's "A Distant Mirror," which touches on that subject.
  17. CT, let’s face the prez couldn’t spell cat if we spotted him the K and A. An aide came out later to clarify that prez IQ45 meant WWI, which is still nonsense as the German were starving, the Allies were exhausted and troops were depleting. Nice to know the aide slept through Western Civ in college. Glad to see he hired only the best.

    Nice to see you have have a life long Interest in history. Mine started I believe in 4th grade when we studied what was Ancient Greece and Rome. My first memory was patricians and plebeans. After that I started reading books on Ancient Rome and have never stopped reading history. Still want to walk the Forum in Rome where Caesar, Anthony and a whole cast of characters also walked. Reread Caesar’s Conquest of Gaul recently and learned that Caesar fought the locals where my Dutch friends live in Holland. It was considered part of Gaul then. Just finished Froissart’s Chonicles and not sure what is next.

    Like the idea of of Why History Matters as would could provide historical context to current events, recommend books, do book reviews, comment if historical series are accurate or pure nonsense. Rome on HBO fairly accurate with two fictional but representative persons of the time. As for a book, if you have not read The Boys in the Boat, you are missing a terrific story of commitment, grit, excitement and joy even though the ending is revealed in the beginning. It is that good. I also recommend The Warmth of Other Suns by Isabel Wilkerson, about the Black migration north and west from 1900 to 1960. The author covers the migration in general and also through the experiences of five persons. Very topical in view of the current Black Lives Matter movement.

    I look forward to any and all feedback.
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    Geoffery de V - I did just go over to the Not Sun City of these forums area and started a "Why History Matters" thread. Wander over and I'll tell you about my wanderings through the Roman Forum. Might even find (and scan) a slide or two, but that's work, so no promises.
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    After Sander's comment yesterday ("Nero fiddled while Rome burned. Trump golfs.") I reread an article written back in March by Patrick Wyman (here) that gives his perspective on the decline of Rome and wonders if the USA is/isn't poised for the same. You may find it interesting.
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    When Empires go into decline it can happen pretty fast. My little political/social/economic group looked for one word to sum up America, now and in the recent past and came up with "greed."

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