How to maintain golf cart batteries

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  1. Sulley007

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    What is the best way to maintain my 48V (Tomberlin) cart batteries if we are gone for 8 weeks?
    The cart will be in the garage, and it does get very hot in there. Or would it be better to be under roof (under a big overhang for the grill) with a cover on the cart? Would we use a trickle charger? Disconnect the batteries? The batteries are new and I don't want to neglect their maintenance.
    Any ideas or suggestions? Please help me to be a responsible Tomberlin cart owner!!! Thanks ahead!
  2. admin

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    Fill your batteries after an overnight charge with distilled water. Disconnect your primary charger and connect your low amp device for charging and you should be OK when you return home. The "battery minder" you mention is an excellent device that also acts as a Desulfator as well.
  3. bmac007

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    Thanks so much for this information!!!

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