How Do I Take Care of Landscaping During The Summer?

Discussion in 'Landscape Talk' started by wizfourfam, Jul 26, 2013.

  1. wizfourfam

    wizfourfam New Member

    I have noticed that all of the area landscaping is starting to look stressed during the Summer (even some cacti). What should I look for to be sure I am caring for my plants correctly? Thanking you all in advance for your wonderful advice! :eagerness:
  2. Anita Mae

    Anita Mae New Member

    With the Monsoon Storms and Rain hitting our area...certainly your landscape is happy ! I rarely water my cactus, succulents, and TX Sage. All but 2 citrus orange trees are Desert Plants in my yard.
    oh, my - -how all has greened up just in the past week with the moisture.
    If we get no rain - - and I see my plants, shrubs, etc. looking a bit brown --:blue:
    I take a hose to them --and soak deeply. - -

    I have a drip/bubbler system which waters some of my plants -- but that water system only goes on 2 times a week for 15 minutes each time (in the summer) - - in the winter I cut it to 5 minutes a time.:moody:

    Google - how to water whatever type of plant you have... you may get some additional help with a site online - -
    or check it out with questions to your local nursery....give them a call.

    If you are not certain of what type of plant you have growing in your yard - - take a few clips of it to a nursery - show them what you have - normally they are always willing to help.
    Lowes has an excellent Garden Area -- they have helped me many times with various questions.
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  3. archer

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    I am always amazed when we come back to Sun City in the fall that our trees, bushes, and flowers are thriving. I swear it's nearly impossible to kill a plant in AZ as long as it gets regular watering.....they seem to thrive in the heat.
  4. Anita Mae

    Anita Mae New Member

    Over two years ago when I planted my TX Sage -- I had a difficult time with them catching on to growing ...? I had no clue why the little plants would not grow properly and often looked stressed. Then I discovered by some reading and asking a nursery - - found out: Texas Sage does not care for a lot of water ! ! I rarely water mine - - and they are beautiful ! This is a desert bush -- you see it wherever you go -- parking lots, on the sides of freeways, parks. A great plant.
    I have 4 in my back yard and three in front. Love them. I only water the Sage DEEPLY - maybe once a month - 6 weeks in the summer - - no bubbler system attached to any of them... Hardly ever water them in the winter.

    I planted an empty water bottle when I originally planted them -- with each bush. - - and fill up that water bottle for the deep watering -
    instant irrigation -- ha-ha
    deep watering with a hose -- also works.--but do not water too often or they will die.

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