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Discussion in 'Real Estate For Sale' started by Sulley007, Apr 22, 2013.

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    Yes, I highly recommend Ken Meade Realty. IMO, they are the best. They were knowledgable about the entire buying/selling process, and also helped with finance. Our purchase was extremely easy.

    And if you DM me, I will give you the name of my buyer's broker.
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    thanks again as I am all set now... much appreciated
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    This lady only has homes in Sun City Grand.
    You know. That place waaaaaay west of Sun City.
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    I am just amazed at how low the inventory is and how anything that is priced right from the outset is gone so soon. I predict that the Original Sun City will continue to be a hot market in 2014, and prices are going to continue to rise steadily.

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