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    We're about 3 weeks from our move from MN to Festival. As part of our planning *I've arranged for the landscaping and some other minor tasks. I've scheduled the installation of our satellite TV for the day after we arrive with the moving truck. Such installation requires approval of the Architectural Review Committee. The form indicates a complete site plan and drawing along with the application. Well, isn't that special? I have no idea where (probably on the roof) the dish will be installed. The installer will no doubt play a major role in that decision. So how can I include a site plan showing such location? This requires a phone call to the HOA management.

    I left a voice mail message with the person responsible for ARC applications. Later that day she phoned me back. She was very friendly and helpful. I don't have to indicate the location on the application. She just want me to know, and to tell the installer, the dish must be 18' from the front of the house. I assured her we were as interested as she in making the dish as discreet as possible. No problem she advised, just send the application so I can get it approved by the ARC before the installation. "And by the way", she said, "thank you for taking care of this before the installation, some don't". *

    All in all this is a very positive first impression of HOA management at Festival. Looks like that's an agency that works with, not against, homeowners!

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