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    Just thought given how strongly some of our friends on the right feel about President Trump they may want to put up a Go Fund Me page. Seems the airport by his Turberry Resort in Scotland may be in trouble. The resort lost 4.5 million dollars in 2017, the good news is it showed a profit in 2018.

    So why the need for help? We now know (BTW, this is the one they "asked" VP Pence to stay at, even though it was half way around the country away) there's been an upturn in arrivals of late. Seems the military is now diverting air travel to land and refuel at the airport. It is a bit odd, because they pay much higher fuel costs at private airports than at military bases.

    And of course, once you land in the middle of nowhere, you often need to layover. Mercifully the Trump organization is giving them a discounted rate...although much higher than staying for free at a military base. The increased flights into Prestwick Airport has helped the struggling airport remain open, which is critical to Trump's golf course. And, the military has purchased 11 million dollars of fuel while landing there.

    So we are clear, that airport in the past was never used by the military in overseas flights.

    Here's the link, less you think it is more fake news.
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    Off topic but once again I can't figure out where to put a new post.
    Does anyone know of an organization that is sending items (not money) to the victims of hurricane Doria?

    The Salvation Army did it for Katrina in 2005.
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    Peg- Log in, go to the Non-Sun City Threads, up in the top right corner there is a blue square that says "New Thread", click on it and start your new topic. (p.s then delete the above post and move it to your new thread) (p.s.s. If you are unsuccessful, it is best to send funds to Red Cross as they put the money to use where most needed.):)
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    It's hard for me to put my mind in a happy place when this stuff keeps going on....Can we just fast forward to a change of leadership in 2020?
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    Not mine, i’m as crabby as i have ever been. In fact, i laugh more now than ever. The dumb-ass crap that he does everyday sends me into fits of giggles. Simply amazing.

    Pass the sharpie please.
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    People had been predicting this sort of thing from the get-go (Trumps' that is) because he feels no shame and his understanding of ethics and morality are in the negative numbers.
    I couldn't bear to have something like that on my permanent record.[/QUOTE]
    Perhaps I can help, my permanent record is already many pages long.

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