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    My name is Ron and my wife Elizabeth "Betty" never Liz just retired and moved to Sun City from Manhattan Beach California. I worked in the aerospace industry in El Segundo California and Betty had the difficult of job raising three really active kids and more recently assisting with a couple of even more active grand kids Longtime friends of ours retired here a few years ago and we followed along when it became our time to escape the crowds and high cost of living and find our piece of paradise in the desert.
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    Congrats and welcome Ron. You’ve just made one of the best decisions of your life; after your wife and kids of course, Enjoy it, time flies here in paradise.
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  3. OneDayAtATime

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    Glad to see that you and Betty have discovered Talk of Sun City. It truly is a paradise! Some night when there's no sports on the TV or a good movie to watch, sit back and read through the hundreds of posts on this site. There is more information here than you'll find on the RCSC web site - which I hope someone (maybe your realtor) told you about. You also might want to check out Sun City Advocates blogspot. Read the introductory pages on the right side (Welcome; About Us; How to Get Involved) and consider joining. Our goal is to Communicate - Educate - Participate and maybe provide you with other points of view. Do try to attend an RCSC Board meeting. There are also at least 4 FB groups that Sun Citians can join: Sun City Chitchat; Sun City Chat; Sun City Residents and Sun City Advocates. Some people prefer to hear about their neighborhood by signing up to NextDoor. And our Sun City Independent newspaper is a wealth of information. You can request a free "thrown" issue (once a week into your driveway) and when you realize you're supporting your community, one can subscribe (623-972-6101).

    Have fun and enjoy your retirement!
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    I signed up to NextDoor.
    However, it seems to include Sun City and every community around it.
    I just wanted Sun City information.
    I subscribe to our local newspaper and find lost of good information.
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    Why can I see posts from other neighborhoods?
    Posts from neighbors outside your neighborhood are from your Nearby Neighborhoods. Nearby Neighborhoods let you connect with neighbors who live nearby, even though they might not be in your specific neighborhood.

    You can choose to share your posts with your neighborhood only, your neighborhood + nearby neighborhoods, or anyone on Nextdoor.
    You can customize your newsfeed to turn off posts from outside your nearby area. You can also customize your nearby neighborhood list to limit the neighborhoods you hear from.


    Lots of other helpful information here:
    There’s also a group specifically for all things RCSC board meeting related. Lively discussions! Check it out!
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    Since I’m really new to all this maybe I should have posted my first question here. Every response above was what I was expecting, congratulatory, positive and similar to our in-person communications. Thank you.
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    My apologies HR, you just got caught in the crossfire. Shouldn't have happened as new residents know none of the minutia the infighting is over. I would strongly encourage you to visit the Del Webb Museum next door to the Oakmont rec center. Knowing our history only adds to the sublime joy of living in the community of volunteers.
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