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Discussion in 'Landscape Talk' started by wizfourfam, Jul 3, 2013.

  1. wizfourfam

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    Can anyone recommend Heat Resistant Plants that I can landscape my backyard with? I have a small 18 flower bed between my paver patio and the back wall.....and it gets very hot back there, since I have a south facing backyard. We are new to the Southwest. Thanking you all in advance
  2. pegmih

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    If you look around at the Rec Centers, you will see lots of LANTANA.

    I have 3 large pots in my courtyard and each as a yellow Lantana. It dies back in the winter and I cover it when there is a freeze.
    Orginally I had Lantana directly in the ground, but it needed to be trimmed too often. I also had the plant that gets purple flowers (name?) but it also needed pruning all the time.

    Beware of some of the cacti. They can get out of contol very fast.

    One neighbor has a variety of plants in her courtyard. Another has a number of roses.
    In the state of Washington I had an acre to take care of. Many kinds of shrubs and flowers.
    I feel that I have done my gardening duty.
  3. Fiona

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    I find landscaping one of the most frustrating things about living here. I did learn something at Home Depot the other week while looking through the plants. I saw a gal that works the garden shop and mentioned to her that I was getting tired and going broke replacing their plants during the heat. She was rather short and said "well most of those tags are California tags." Well then why do they sell them here when they won't last?...pfttt. I never did find the AZ tags. I will do more lantana and lavender seems to do well here.
  4. DDArm

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    Lantanas are very drought resistant. Also Vincas will work as long as you water them in the summer.

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