Hazardous Waste Collection Event 3/2019

Discussion in 'Sun City Sheriff's Posse - Arizona' started by aggie, Mar 10, 2019.

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    What in the world happened to the planning for this event? Collections were to be taken from 9-1:00 but the whole thing was shut down after just a little over a half hour. This is a rare, popular & needed event which always brings a crowd. Were there trucks/trailers of waste brought in which overloaded the trucks hauling it away? Did the waste hauling company not provide enough trucks? Very disappointing.
  2. BPearson

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    They said at the SCHOA board meeting to get there early because they were only going to run it until they ran out of money to pay for what they coollected. It was simply a budget thing. But yikes a half-hour?
  3. aggie

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    Followed up on this event. Cars began lining up at 5:30am for the start of collections at 9:00! The posse collected from 300 cars(IDs were checked to only accept from Sun City residents) but had to shut down before 10:00 when the disposal truck was full with nearly 700 cars turned away. This shows a real need for this type of event. It isn't done for free and to handle the volume of hazardous waste would have cost $50,000. They hope to schedule another in the future and will need more donations toward covering the cost.

    Most of the collected material was paint. I'm sharing the information that Parks & Sons have on their website regarding disposing of paint on normal collection days in Sun City:

    Paint that is completely dried may be thrown away in the regular trash collection as it is no longer considered hazardous. If there is a small amount of leftover paint in the can, it must be dried out, which can be done by adding an absorbent material (e.g. cat litter). Latex paint (the type that can be cleaned with water) needs to be air-dried in its container. After the paint is completely solidified, it can be disposed with the regular trash collection.


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