Full Play Non-Resident Pass Sales Surge!

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    Remember - "nonprofit" is a tax status, not a mission statement. RCSC can and should make money. The issue is - the money made must be used to support the mission and Articles of Incorporation. The money must be spent to benefit ALL members of the community. Too many people are under the mistaken impression that a nonprofit can't make money or have money. That is a myth. A nonprofit may have to pay tax if they start having too much "unrelated business income" ... not what we're dealing with.
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    There is a well written letter to the editor in today's Independent regarding group tee times. The writer states, "For several years, it was done secretly." I hope RCSC has gone past the era of keeping secrets from its Members, particularly the ones that participate in a particular amenity. This Member's letter sent me to the RCSC website to see what is stated there. After quite a bit of time spent reading under the heading "Golf", I finally found this in the lengthy Board Policy 17:

    Small Group Bookings

    Only approved golf groups will be allowed to prebook RCSC golf facilities ahead of the draw. The following criteria for approval will be used:

    1. Requests will be accepted according to a schedule determined by the Director of Golf.
    2. Requests must be accompanied by the number of participants, desired golf course(s) and desired tee times.
    3. Small Group Bookings must pay a booking fee per player and play date to block tee times. This fee will be paid at the time of the booking request.
    4. The minimum number of players participating in a small group event must be thirty (30). Requests for small groups of fewer than thirty (30) players will be rejected.
    5. No requests will be accepted for Tuesday (Ladies Day) or Wednesday (Men’s Day) or on other days that interfere with other scheduled events.
    6. Small Group Bookings are not considered tournament play.
    7. Approved Small Group Bookings must provide a list of pairings including RCSC Cardholder numbers and Guest Names to the appropriate pro shop six (6) days prior to each scheduled play Failure to provide this list may cause cancellation of the play date.

    Some thoughts that this generated for me:
    1. First of all, I don't think the average Member would spend the time trying to find this on the RCSC website that I did. I thought it would be under the tab "Green Fees and Annual Passes" or "Book a Tee Time", but nary a mention of "Small Group Bookings" either place.
    2. "Only approved golf groups will be allowed to prebook RCSC golf facilities ahead of the draw" and "1. Requests will be accepted according to a schedule determined by the Director of Golf." Not sure what that means, but it seems to give the Director of Golf complete discretion over Small Group Bookings.
    3. The fee for the small group bookings is said to be $2 a golfer, but is not mentioned in the Board Policy. When RCSC is looking at the data from nonresident passes to see if another increase is warranted for those, perhaps they can consider if the $2 fee is adequate. How long has it been $2? According to the letter to the editor in the Independent, similar 55+ golfing communities don't have anything comparable. Is this something that Sun City should continue?
    4. Another question, are Non-resident full pay pass holders able to block off desirable tee times for small groups? If one takes that to an extreme, a nonresident could block off over an hour of tee times for themselves and friends.
    5. What happens if there are no shows and the group falls below 30 players? Do they lose this privilege?

    I know Mr. Say What says this is a topic not to be messed with. I don't play enough golf to have much effect on me, but one has to ask if it is fair to everyone who pays the same rec fees and green fees. I would like to hear the arguments in support of this practice, not emotional ones, but substantial reasons, the financial impact, and the fairness to all Members.

    More thoughts to follow.
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